Thorn River Camp

The Thorn Ford CampThorn river camp
The Thorn Ford camp is relatively large, and well
defended by numerous hidden platforms placed in the
trees. The camp itself is about 60 feet from the Thorn’s
north bank—a path winds alongside a shallow creek that
leads directly up to the campsite. This path continues for
another 200 feet north of the camp before turning into a
standard game trail.
Points of interest within the camp’s bounds are
detailed below.
K1. Clearing: The bandits created this semi-permanent
campsite by cutting themselves a small clearing. Tree
trunks and logs serve as chairs, all centered about a stonelined
campfire. A heap of kindling and smaller sticks lies
nearby. The bandits generally prefer to sleep under the
stars, but a number of folded tents are stored under the
platform at area K2 for wetter nights.
K2. East Watchpost: A wooden platform 20 feet off the
ground gives a great view of the campsite and the trail to
the west. A rope ladder allows access, but if pulled up to the
platform, access from below is possible by climbing one of
the nearby trees (DC 15 Climb check). Tents, firewood, food,
and other supplies are kept under a canvas tarp below this
post. The bandits keep their loot under all of this, hidden
from casual view. The post itself is somewhat camouflaged,
and grants a +2 bonus on any Stealth checks made by
creatures situated on it against anyone on the ground.
K3. West Watchpost: This post is identical to the East
watchpost, save that no supplies are stored below it.
K4. The Logs: Two thick logs lie positioned alongside
the forest trail. Bandits sometimes use the logs as cover or
roll them across the trail to create obstructions.
K5. The Wagon: An old, broken-down wagon sits
here. The bandits occasionally use it as part of a set-up
to dupe travelers.

Name: Mason
Race: Elf
Class/Level: Sorcerer (Draconic, Silver)/1
Adventure: Stolen Land
Location: Thorn River Camp
Catalyst: A plan full of fail.

The Gory Details: First off I should say that I made some adjustment’s to the opening encounter at Oleg’s. Long story short the bandits escaped with the PC’s horses. As such the Thorn River camp was aware of the PC’s arrival and had taken 0 casualties at this point.

The party was exploring the hex and came across 4 bandits waiting in ambush (1 of 2 patrols being sent out from the camp each day since they learned of the PC’s arrival). They spotted the ambush so negated a surprise round and won the battle with minimum damage sustained. They hurried back to where their hirelings were camped to find them under attack by the other patrol. By the end of the battle 1 hireling was dead and the whole party was wounded and out of offensive magic. Instead of resting or falling back the party decided to make a move on the camp that night.

They approached from the North along the river and failed to notice the watchtower in the tree near the cart whilst making some terrible stealth rolls. The first thunderstone deafened half the party (including Mason who was on point) and most of the party took cover behind the fallen tree to return fire. Mason ran across the river to the base of the tree just in time to see Happs fall out of it full of arrows. luckily for the rest of the party the bandits they now all had their backs to proved to be lousy shots and all the arrows went wide. The thunderstone from the second tower left only the Wizard with his hearing though as they scrambled back over the fallen tree to take cover from this new point of attack. Mason turning around suddenly realised there was a fight going on over there and moved back across the river. At this point the party leader (Human, Fighter, Aldori archetype) spotted Kressle trying to sneak up on the flank and charged doing a bit of damage. He was then dropped below 0 HP by her full attack. Kressle is then hit by a crossbow bolt from the Wizard. At this point Mason moved over to cover his comrade and intimidated kressle, who became shaken. This would of been a sound plan if he’d remembered that the bonus to his AC from the previous round was from partial cover and not Shield (which he’d failed to cast due to the failure chance from being deafened). She hit him for max damage taking him to 1 HP shy of death. While all this was going on the bandits had been reduced to 2 so Kressle used her move action to retreat and the other 2 fell back as well. Unfortunately Mason had a better initiative than the Cleric and failed his stabilisation roll. The Cleric healed the party leader and they grabbed Mason and fell back as well.

Thorn River Camp

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