Temple of the Elk

The thick tangle of brambles gives way into a large clearing
in the woods, its border partially defined by ruined stone
pillars. The western face of the clearing is dominated by a
looming, upthrust ridge of rock, nearly 300 feet across and
rising to a moss-topped height of 100 feet at the center.
The side of this towering boulder facing the clearing has been carved in the likeness of an immense elk, its antlers
drooping down from its weathered face to frame a 50-footwide
cave entrance. A flight of stone steps leads up to this
cave entrance from the forest clearing—both the steps
and elk face feel quite old and are thickly encrusted with
layers of moss. A 50-foot-long oval pool sits in the middle
of the clearing, its waters thick with algae.
Temple of the elk
If the Guardian is slain, it makes
an almost human-sounding sigh of relief,
then collapses in on itself, transforming
first into an incredibly old human
man with a look of peace in his eyes,
and then a moment later crumbling
into a skeleton and thence to dust. At
this moment, the entire shrine seems
to grow more vibrant and colorful.

I rolled the Griz when they entered the hex. I decided that the mine was a nice lair so that is where he went. Along comes the party. Enter greedy little headstrong rogue.(nine year old stepson) I give them the description of the mine entrance, including the fact that the ground inside slopes down sharply, its quite dark inside.

Arceus: I go over and look in the entrance. You don’t have dark vision so except for the first few feet of floor that slopes sharply downward into blackness you see nothing. (missed perception check)

Arceus: Ok I jump down into the cave!

Me: But its dark, you can’t see and the floor slopes down sharply. You sure? (He’s nine)

Arceus: Yep I jump on down!

Me: Roll an acrobatics check.

Arceus: I got a 2…mutter mutter..

You slip and fall 20ft to the bottom. Take 10 damage. Oh yeah you landed prone in front of a Grizzly bear. SURPRISE!

Surprise round to Grizzly, claw, claw, bite attacks ensue resulting in 14 points of damage! First dead character and it REALLY wasn’t my fault!


Temple of the Elk

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