Sootscale Caverns

The name of the Sootscale kobold tribe changes each time
their chieftain changes—currently, they are ruled by
Chief Sootscale, and so they are known as the Sootscale
kobolds. They have lived in this old silver mine in the side
of a hill just north of the Shrike River for several decades,
periodically clashing with bandits or mites or trappers
but always enduring even through the most disastrous of
times. The Sootscales all have dark gray or black scales,
and have a particular fondness for swimming in the
Shrike River and catching fish with their tiny teeth.
Sootscale cavern publish

Name: Can’t remember
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Alchemist/ 2
Adventure: Stolen Lands
Location: Kobold Mine
Catalyst: Disguising oneself as (can’t remember name) the purple kobold right before the chief yells to kill said purple kobold
The Gory Details: (optional)

we had rescued Mikmek? if thats his name right? and we’re takin the little statue thing back to the kobolds. when we got there we were faced with the decision whether to take it to the chief or to the purple one, the party decided to take it to the chief, the Alchemist, who is forever doing what he decides regardless where the party goes anyway, decides he wants to meet this witchdoctor purple kobold so he goes a meets with him and when he leaves, for some reason I can’t recall, decides to use one of his potions of diguise or somethin similar to look like the purple kobold and to go find the chief.

meanwhile we (the rest of the party) had went and met with the chief who promptly smashed the statue breaking the spell on them and the round before the disguised alchemist rounded the corner the kobold chief ordered the purple ones death. Initiatives are rolled and low and behold all the pc’s were in single digits, kobolds act first= dead alchemist

Sootscale Caverns

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