Mire Cat

A large cat, about the size of a tiger, but is darkly coloured and seems at home in the Stolen Lands. May be distantly related to moor cats, from another plain of existence.

Beast of bodmin

There are a few things about this large feline that hint at an otherworldly influence; it’s ears are slightly elongated and end in a finer point. Also you see an unnatural green glow emanating from its gem-coloured eyes. It is clear that there is a magical fey-influence on this mysterious creature.


Mire cats are solitary creatures that roam in large territories of the Stolen Lands. They live in large territories, of roughly 12 miles across, and the only time they can be seen in pairs is during reproduction. Male and female mire cats are only seen together for the short act of copulation, during a short mating season, and after that both return to their respective territories. Mire cat cubs live with their mothers for under a year, then are independently off to live in their own territory. A female mire cat typically only has a single offspring a year, and thus the population of mire cats is quite small but consistent; successful mire cats also often live up to 200 years old.
p. Mire cats are especially well suited to live in the dangerous and fey-teeming Stolen Lands. A Mire cat has a large territory that it regularly patrols and hunts in, but has learned to never sleep in the same place two nights in a row. Full grown mire cats weigh roughly 400 pounds and are ferocious and cunning fighters. Other Stolen Lands denizens have learned that a straight fight with a mire cat is a losing proposition, and thus direct confrontations are rare. On the other hand, a mire cat knows that during any hunt or fight in the Stolen Lands can be unpredictable, and as a result of this mire cats limit their confrontations to the minimum they need to survive. Between their frightening prowess in battle, and ability to avoid danger in the first place, mire cats live quite successfully in the Stolen Lands.
p. There are some mire cats in the northern part of the Stolen Lands (known as the greenbelt), but typically they are more likely to be found in the more remote, more dangerous southern regions. Throughout Brevoy, and the River Kingdoms there have always be legends about particular humanoids, including humans, having special relationships with mire cats.

Mire Cat

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