Campaign Introduction

Alright, so the wiki has started! I theoretically have a ton of stuff to put up here, but most is it has to wait until we see it “in game.” Until then I will put up what I can.

[Note: The campaign world is based on Paizo’s world called “Golarian”, but as I want us (including you guys) to have lost of creative narrative freedom about the world. Thus I have decided that our world will be called “Golaria” which will help us distinguish which is our world, and which is Paizo’s.]

Feel free to use this as much as you can. I believe that you guys can edit almost as much stuff as I can, especially in terms of putting up your characters and stuff.

Something else to realize, is that because we are using the free version of this site, there are a bunch of limits on what we can do. For example, we can only have one map up at a time. Right now I have the world map up, hopefully to help with character creation, but I will eventually put up the specific map of where we are.

House Rules (including character creation)

This is the same as the one on the welcome page.

The Charter given to the PC’s

Campaign Traits

Wiki Introduction

Campaign Introduction

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