A magic seed, that called to Ellira


Found in a small pool of water, this seed seems to belie great power.
•Once it has bonded, if the bondeegets further than 1 km away, the bondeetakes 1 point (randomly determined) of ability damage per minute.
•All spells that the bondeecasts are maximized.
•All spells that the bondeecasts last for twice as long.


As soon as the Seed makes contact with Ellira
Images flash through her head in rapid succession, too many images to make total sense of.
One thing does come across clearly: “You have been chosen”
More images: of planting the seed and watching it grow
You see various scenarios of it growing: and it grows more healthily and faster in the scenes where there are people around.
You eventually see a scene of a young flourishing tree surrounded by a bustling city; there is a group of white robed and hooded people tending to the serene garden that the tree lives in. The city around the tree seems to brighten and be enhanced.
You feel very protective about the Seed.


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