• Akiros Ismort

    Akiros Ismort

    One of the Stag Lord's formidable Lieutenants
  • Auchs


    One of the Stag Lord's formidable Lieutenants. Auchs is as simple as Akiros is complex.
  • Bokken


    The manner of a nervious bird or jittery child, his speech is swift and clipped as if he's eager to finish every conversation he starts.
  • Bragg


    Attitude toward the PC's: Unfriendly A scruffy looking bandit, formerly led by Happs Bydon, and captured by the PC's
  • Breeg Orlivanch

    Breeg Orlivanch

    Attitude toward the PC's: Indifferent A roughly dressed but heavily armed trapper and hunter in the Stolen Lands.
  • Dovan from Nisroch

    Dovan from Nisroch

    A dark, tattooed figure with an obvious taste for pain and cruelty.
  • Graves


    A tattooed bandit captured at Thorn River Camp
  • Happs Bydon

    Happs Bydon

    A wilderness bandit, leading a group of bandits and carrying a lethal looking bow.
  • Jensothi


    A city planner, sent to give the PC's advice in building a city.
  • Jhod Kavken

    Jhod Kavken

    Wandering priest of Erastil
  • Kesten Garess

    Kesten Garess

    A nobleman belonging to house Garess in Brevoy.
  • Kesten's Men

    Kesten's Men

    Dilph, Katsin, Kian, and Rin; the guards that came with Kesten
  • Mikmek


    A young kobald warrior, the last surviving Sootscale of a doomed attack on the mite cavern.
  • Nakpik


    A lone kobold stands constant watch here, crouched behind one of the big rocks at the cave entrance. If he spots PCs, he chirps loudly in surprise—he was expecting mites, not bigger foes.
  • Oleg Leveton

    Oleg Leveton

    Attitude toward the PC's: Helpful Owner and operator of Oleg’s Trading Post. A gruff, middle-aged man with a no-nonsense attitude.
  • Stag Lord

    Stag Lord

    The leader of the Bandits in the Greenbelt.
  • Stag Lord's Men

    Stag Lord's Men

    Some of the characters that were working for the Stag Lord.
  • Svetlana Leveton

    Svetlana Leveton

    Attitude toward the PC's: Helpful Oleg's Wife