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Solo Quest - Aila's Curses - (Aila's point of view)

Solo Quest – Aila’s Curses – (Aila’s point of view)

Meanwhile, straight after the royal wedding Aila makes a solo trip to Restov to complete a series of events she needs in order to heal from her curse. The curse she received from the killing blow in the Elven Tower from that wretched dancer. The curse has been a depletion of her strength (minus 6 to be exact) but the real curse has been how it has made her feel emotionally. She feels useless. After that encounter you no longer heard Aila’s gruff and eager “happy to help!”. In fact now you recall you haven’t heard much from her except her maid of honour speech at the wedding. You know she supplied candles at the wedding too but come to think of it, she only carried a few in at a time, not ten stacked trays like you would have expected. Aila is ashamed and doesn’t want people to suffer from her weaknesses so instead of asking for help; she goes to Restov to sell her ring of protection. She needs the money to pay for this curse to be removed. With Jhod’s suggestion she heads to the high priest of Restov, Ezvanki Keegh, and quietly has the curse removed. She feels immediate relief upon the return of her strength and you notice a pleasant skip to her step once she returns. Losing her strength has changed her though and you perceive more hesitation and less confidence in her actions going forward.