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Season 2: Episode 51 – A Tragic Success (Kerubiel's point of view)

Season 2: Episode 51 – A Tragic Success (Kerubiel’s point of view)
Coming back around the corner I see Ellira retreating from the two-headed troll, no doubt trying to get a better tactical spot. Things aren’t great for Glanrim who is fighting from the ground and discretely quaffs a potion.
Drael then does some magic and there are suddenly six copies of him, and he yells that he will try and hold her off. What bravery from this sorcerer? He must have been inspired but my previous exploits.
I still haven’t seen her again since dealing with the lesser trolls but the sound of claws and teeth sinking in the metal and flesh are still ringing throughout the cavern. Rounding the bend, I see a healing bomb land next to Glanrim, must not wanted to risk healing the bitch.
I then call to Nagrundi and point out rapidly our repeated success over the trolls, starting with how their pathetic attempts didn’t even work on the Sootscales… She seems to be ignoring me.
Glanrim then, from a prone position tries to hack into her legs while Drael flings acid at her chest. She then goes to claw out at Drael, to rend his chest open but we make eye contact, and that moment of doubt causes her to grab one of his illusions instead.
I then hear some snorting from where Ellira was last and I charge into Nagrundi, lance piercing her side with a mighty strike. Glanrim then tries to swing again but she easily steps away from his axe.
Then, from out of nowhere a wolly rhino charges up to Nagrundi but unfortunately the trolls ready for it and deflects the blow in such a way that rhino Ellira appears injured afterwards. Knowing animals, having trained them most of my life, she appears to have overextended one of her back legs. Unfortunately, Nagrundi seizes this opportunity to take a bite out of her woolly back.
Then with a massive, clawed arm she cleaves into four of us. Glanrim falls to death’s door, but the stubborn dwarf won’t lose consciousness. Another of Drael’s mirror images fades, I feel some ribs crack as she hits my side. But as the claw raked across the rhino’s hide it slumped to the ground and a female elven form took its place. Her chest didn’t rise, and a glazed expression filled her eyes. NO!
I feel a wave of healing wash over me from Finn and then Glanrim and I make eye contact. We must retreat. He mouths ‘take them’ and I nod. Damn!
I start to ride back to the entrance of the tunnel tell Drael we need to flee. I try and get Sorath to grab Finn’s cloak, but it tears, and she can’t grab him. Shit. I then turn her back around and we stand in front of Finn and Drael to give them a chance to fall back. I urge Drael that we must fall back and regroup when all of a sudden, he produces the blue gem we found in Arven’s fishing spot, and smashes it on the ground. A tidal wave of water erupts from that spot and a writing ten-foot-tall wave awaits his command. And with one word, it ‘attacks.’ Forming large water fists, it pummels Nagrundi twice and she shrieks in pain. Good.
With the large distraction in place, Nargrundi focuses her attacks on the elemental, and we see another shot at a jaded victory. I yell to Finn to heal me, and he obliges by shoving a potion down my throat. I then go to charge her, but the ground has become slippery with water and my strike glances off her thick hide.
Glanrim then, dumb hero that we wants to be, tries to swing up at her but she parry’s his blows with ease. Then the elemental slams into her again as Drael flings a glob of acid at her and one of her heads writhes in pain. Finn throws a healing bomb on us, and I shout to her how pathetic a creature she is and that she will die by the Court of Argentum!
Glanrim finally connects with her foot and some toes come off. Then a volley of magic missiles pepper Nagrundi’s chest and the massive two-headed troll falls to the ground. Then in a fury, Drael leaps upon Nagrundi’s corpse and goes about making her flesh disappear on both her skulls.
I quickly dismount and drop beside Ellira. Finn is already there, shaking his head. His breath is one holding back tears. I reach for Tamus who is whimpering beside her. I put him on Sorath’s back and tell him we will fix her.
Glanrim finally pulls Drael off her while I check quickly where Nagrundi came from is empty and we aren’t about to be ambushed again. I get Finn to come with me. We find a large forge room that is currently dark. Finn, think that Glanrim would be interested in this goes to get him and I follow and take over the job of leading Drael out of the fort.
Finn and Glanrim find some stone tablets and a flask with some amber flecks in it. Drael was holding a ring and an amulet that Nagrundi was wearing and says they will help protect us. The amulet has a more powerful enchantment than the one I currently wear so he gives it to me, and I give Glanrim my old one. There is also a ring of protection, and since I have one already, Glanrim puts this one on. (We find this out later after relaying the events to the militia).
Speaking of, we head outside, and I give a speech to try and keep morale up. I let everyone know that we have all but vanquished the troll vermin. We have slain their general, but unfortunately, Baron Ellira valiantly sacrificed her life so that the rest of us might live.
There are murmurs of sadness but not surprise. Looking around I see others that are dealing with the loss of friends and family from that brutal battle. Jhod comes up to us, shaking his head, and says that he is sorry for our loss and will tend to the body. Finn would like to help. He also shares that he thinks he could do the tattoos from reading the tablets. If he has all the right ingredients and tools. A small silver lining in the face of this tragedy.
Tamus is trying to curl up close to her and to comfort him, I offer my arms and he obliges. Sorath, Tamus and I all then head to the council tent. But first give one last motivational speech telling all that we have learnt valuable information from our enemy and will crush the vile Hargulka at dawn.

Grief stricken, I eventually let exhaustion take hold and rest amongst these two perfect pets



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