Thom's Kingmaking

Season 2: Episode 50 – The past revealed, and a large problem found. (Kerubiel's point of view)

Season 2: Episode 50 – The past revealed, and a large problem found. (Kerubiel’s point of view)
As we approach the door, more cautiously than the previous one, memories flood my mind. A moment as a child sitting on a rug in front of the fireplace playing with mounted soldiers all lined up. Even then figuring out battle tactics and that draws me back to the moment in the battle where I gave a mighty speech to ready the militia to charge –
We reach the door, and it is unlocked, I slowly start opening the door and we see a medium sized room with huge chains bolted to the opposite wall. The floor is littered with rotting meat and bones and two troll hounds are attached to the ends of each of the chains. In the center of the hounds is a hunched and cloaked figure, clearly not a troll by its stature. It has a more reptilian head like the lizardfolk.
The troll hounds then start barking and come toward us but are hampered by the chains, so Drael suggests we deal with them out of their biting range. For troll filth like this, I think this is a great idea; however, Ellira is hesitant and doesn’t want to hurt them unnecessarily. For what she did for Sorath, I will oblige her. She says she wants to try talking to them. Turns out they aren’t regular beasts, and it doesn’t work so they start barking and showing aggressive behavior. Finn doesn’t want to watch.
While they tried, I backed up. Glanrim goes in hacking, Drael flings acid, and I charge back in and pierce one’s side. In less than 12 seconds, the hounds bark no more. The lizardfolk figure still has not moved though.
We approach cautiously and the figure perks its head up asking if it heard the sounds of battle and if it was done. I nod and say yes and ask him who he is. He gives some cryptic reply, ‘One who has failed’ …great. Drael and I both ask at the same who he is and how he failed.
He apparently wanted to guide the trolls to something greater. He had apparently met Gozreh and thought she was calling him to help them. Drael, concerned asks if he was the one who helped organize the trolls.
He then goes on to mention that while he was reflecting one day, he met Hargulka and he was able to hurl fireballs and that he would be able to lead other trolls under his guidance. Gozreh’s feminine aspect has given him a vision of a troll kingdom, ruled by Hargulka, him at his side, and plenty of food for all. He saw this fortification in the vision and led them here. But then he says that Hargulka was not the leader he thought he was (man this guy is not that smart). There was lots of hunger, and he did not like his criticism – that arrogant bastard, no kidding.
Finn then interrupts his talking to go investigate him closer because he notices tatoos underneath his tattered robes on his arms. He tells us that he has the same dwarven script as some of the trolls have.
The lizardfolk then says that they found the tablet and materials required to grant great fire protection. Glanrim then, quite agitated, walks up to him and tells him that he put sacred magic onto one his greatest foes. All the figure can say is that the depths of his failure are deep.
I then go on to tell him that we have an alliance with the Murque River Tribe, to see if he knows of them. His immediate response was that he made the tribe. I then call him ‘Shisshak’ and he looks at me and says that was his name.
Glanrim then tells him that there is an imposter in his tribe, and I then ask him if he wants to go see Vesket and the rest of the braves. He nods, stands, and says ‘Cargathak beware’ and starts to convulse and float into the air. All of us are then flooded by the same vison.
We start low to the ground but then start rising into the air. We see rivers then the Tuskwater, we see Silver Falls rising on the hills as we rise higher, but then the earth itself opens and the land crumbles into the gaping hole and sinks into the magma of the earth’s core.
His body then drops to the gound in a final shudder, and he whispers, “Tell Vesket, I was wrong.” And then he is no longer with us. Glanrim then wraps him in his cloak and says let’s go and we head to Vesket.
When we leave the fort, we see the militia have set up camp and are treating to the wounded. The slaves are relieved and eating with the troops. The lizardfolk, sated, have started to pack up. Glanrim approaches Vesket and lays the body down in front of him telling him that he has been gravely misled (implying that damned will-o-the-wisp back in their village). He asks where we found Stisshak and I tell him that the trolls had him caged up.
Vesket tells us that he is smaller than he remembers and Glanrim shares his last words with him. With tears in his eyes, he tells us that he was not wrong, he was a great leader, he was king before, but he didn’t eat him like their tradition, so Stisshak left to look for Gozreh. We learn from the people we eat.
Glanrim then reminds him of fake Stisshak planted by the vile trolls and asks if we should leave the body with him. Vesket nods and says they will take Stisshak to the proper burial place.
We nod, and then I remind the Court that we have work to do and we head back into the fort. Exploring the final way in the fort we come across a large storeroom of assorted building supplies and equipment that would be very useful for building a settlement. In the back corner of the room is a massive hole that leads from the smooth worked dwarven stone to a tunnel in a natural cave.
Continuing on, after a short distance we come to a fork in the path, and we see trolls around the corner to the right. In the center of the cavern, they have set up a caravan ballista and upon seeing me in the lead let it loose. I am quicker than these damned trolls and I am able to bring my shield up in time, but the impact will likely cause bruising later.
Ellira rushes up next with her bow, ready to fire but a troll swings out and she ducks, slips on some rocks, and loses her grasp on the bow. Glanrim rushes in and dodges a troll swing to then take a piece of this one’s arm. The second troll then sets upon him and sinks its teeth into his side.
Drael flings some acid to stop these bastards from regenerating and as the troll yells out in pain, we feel the ground shake from down the other fork. The massive two headed troll bitch, Nagrundi has come from the darkness. She is far bigger than any of the other trolls and wicked clawed hands are the size of me.
Seeing her Finn rushes up from our flank and throws a firebomb at her. The flames dance along her skin and then are sucked into the dwarven tattoo. Oh Finn, you forgot. She smiles fiendishly and I charge up and pierce her in the chest. She then lunges at Ellira, who backs up and I hold the line to keep her from closing in.
The sounds of Glanrim scrapping with one of the other trolls rings in my ear and then a troll head comes rolling down the tunnel. Drael then coats the ground around Nagrundi with a thick layer of grease to slow her advancement on us. She steps up and I try to thrust again, but she was ready for it this time and diverts the strike.
Nagrundi then takes a few massive swings of her claws and ends up slashing both Drael and Finn with one swipe. Knowing that the best way to deal with her is by charging, I help clear a space for Glanrim and go run the other lesser troll through. Nagrundi tries to take a bite as I go by, but I easily duck out of her way. The damn troll doesn’t die and then claws at me, shield up, but its bite connects with my other arm.
Finn now resorts to what he does best and throws a healing bomb at Drael and Glanrim. Battle with Nagrundi continues out of my sight but I stab the troll again and Drael rushes into the cavern and flings acid at it. It yells in pain, and I stab it once again. Two regular trolls down. Only one giant one with two heads left to go in this fight. Hope the others have been faring better…



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