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Season 2: Episode 49 – Sniffing out Troll Scum (Kerubiel's point of view)

Season 2: Episode 49 – Sniffing out Troll Scum (Kerubiel’s point of view)
I arrive at the massive stone door that they have just figured out to open, and when they look at me, I tell them I can’t have them putting their feet in their mouths and making things worse.
It’s clear that it was a key, and now Drael is happy to let me have it. I ignore him and ride to the entrance. It’s dark inside and assuming that the sorcerer isn’t going to be leading us in there, I ask for him to put light on my lance. He does, finally getting some sense back thankfully.
As we carefully enter the halls that are clearly dwarven carved, I tell Sorath to track the scent of disgusting troll. Upon enter our first room it has multiple exit points, but she gets the strongest scent of trolls to the south, so we head that way first.
Our senses are all immediately put to the test as we enter a circular chamber that reeks of excrement. Piles of troll shit litter this room but, a spiral staircase lines one of the walls so we quickly leave this room. The staircase continues far up, clearly in some sort of tower as we raise somewhere around 100 feet up. It ends at a trap door in the ceiling. Glanrim throws the trap door open, and standing on either side are two pathetic trolls, but not the one we want.
We fight tactically and mostly Glanrim takes the blunt of their blows… if any – lousy fighters that they are, all strength and no skill. Unfortunately, it makes it hard for all of us to battle them and so at one point I hear Finn talking about ‘poo’ as he runs back down the stairs.
With Lily’s Thorn and Leaf chopping and stabbing them, we make quick work of the trolls and once they fall yell for someone to finish them, so Finn throws a bomb at them, and their regenerating husks cease. Then Finn yells back down the stairs, “Save the poo!” … my cousin has got quirks.
Once we realize there is nothing else of interest up here, Glanrim and I push the bodies over the edge. I hope Hargulka sees and knows this is what is in store for him. Finn then patches up some of Glanrim’s wounds and as we descend, I realize the lance no longer has light, so I ask Drael to oblige, and he does.
Back in the original room we continue to follow to the next staircase up. I, naturally, am leading the way and just as we approach a large wooden door, it suddenly bursts open as a stone table comes crashing out. Sorath’s quick reflexes drops us low, and it goes soaring past all of us. Stupid trolls.
It is accompanied by a troll hound and so I shout to Glanrim to get the big guy because the hound is in a perfect place to charge. I skewer it and duck under the wide swing of the troll. It tries to get at me, but I deflect its blows with ease.
Drael then rushes in and I yell at him to burn the hound. He obliges and we are down one troll hound. Then Finn rushes up the stairs and Ray J is barking, and he throws a bomb right at the troll’s face. Direct hit – nice work cousin. Glanrim, bringing up the rear, rushes up to the troll, ducks under this oaf’s pathetic swing and he cuts the arm off and as it reaches for its arm, he takes the head. One less troll in the world.
The room we are in appears to be some sort of main hall. It is decorated with an assortment of dwarven crests but recent graffiti by ignorant trolls has marred them. There is a small collection of finely crafted throwing axes on weapon racks lining the walls. Also, there is another stone table in the center of the room and a poor headless soul’s body lays there. Savage brutes.
Each of the crests are recognizable, from my studies growing up, as members of a variety of noble dwarven families. Glanrim also reaches this conclusion and shares with the others.
As we finish looking around Sorath’s hackles start to go up as we get closer to the other door exiting this room…



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