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Season 2: Episode 48 – We March for Troll Blood! (Kerubiel's point of view)

Season 2: Episode 48 – We March for Troll Blood! (Kerubiel’s point of view)

That night while morale is high from our recent victory against the foul trolls. Deloril’s Hammer has a huge rush for anything that resembles a trident. Pitchforks, javelins, and tridents. We invite Vesket and the Chief into our castle great hall to celebrate with. The night goes great, and we discuss with Vesket if his braves could train our militia on how to throw tridents. He agrees.
We also discuss that just in case Hargulka came from the south while we were following the tracks if Chief Sootscale will stay with the tribe while we are out so there is someone stationed here to defend us. He nods agreement.
Cora is so happy to see me and loves hearing the tale of the sky going dark and the trolls falling, but then I can sense her apprehension as I say that we will be marching tomorrow to eradicate the rest of them. She stays the night with me and although nervous wishes me luck in the morning.
We march and follow the tracks are easy to follow to the east. By day 2, we come to the Tatzylwyrm Ford and the lizardfolk find it funny that we are slowed by water so much, but they aid with minimal jovial jeering.
By day 3 we are in new terrain and for a stretch of a couple miles, the sound of the forest dies off as we enter a sunken clearing, and the smell of moldering plants is pervasive. Finn wants to investigate this change in the plant life. He tells us that something unnatural has happened and the ground is soggy, and insect infected, and a dead horse is at the far end of a newly formed pond. He says it isn’t connected to troll behaviour.
Since this is not troll related, I suggest we don’t bring the army through. March on. The next day we swing past Erikk’s band but almost all of it looks packed and cleared. Looks like they took my advice and got out. Finn looks at the holes he had seen before and reports that they are all emptied.
Moving on through the forest, the next day, we almost been out march for a week and the banner I think is keep morale high. And then as we reach the one-week mark, all the larger trees in the area have been felled, looks like the trolls have been harvesting supplies and as we travel through, we come across a group of 5 mostly unconscious humans who are pinned and attached by a large chain.
We rally the men quickly and hoist the tree off the bodies as Finn says we can’t just cut it off them or it may kill them. The tree comes off with ease. Most of them seem to be loggers, but one is Gabirelle, the merchant woman who had already lost family when we came to settle Argentum.
Finn quickly gets to work and throws a healing bomb, centered on her. They share with us that a group of trolls had grabbed them in the night and were using them as slaves…and food. Disgusting creatures. But when a tree they were being forced to cut down fell and pinned them here the trolls just let them there.
The trolls have been capturing more and more travellers to build walls and palisades around their fort village. They have around 40 slaves in total, and they there are somewhere between 50 – 75 total trolls in the village. Sweet mother of the gods. We tell them they can travel with us for safety, and we apologize that we didn’t get there sooner.
Day 8 is when are scouts tells us we’ve found them. We discuss ways to get information, starting by asking Vesket if he ever went to visit the trolls – realizing asking this we probably should have asked this before we left Silver Falls, because he could of taken us straight here, but he says no and I don’t feel dumb for not asking sooner.
Ellira then offers to turn into an eagle to scout overhead but then Glanrim mentions some other bird and while we boys discuss the finer points of different birds, Ellira disappears. Smart girl.
An hour later she returns and tells us that in the center of this next chunk of forest is a clearing with a hill in the center. There is a series of pointed walls and palisades around a small city, smaller than Silver Falls. As you get closer to the hill there are a collection of mud huts that are walled in, that’s where they are keeping the slaves.
There is also a nearly invisible path that leads up the steep hill to a grand stone door with probably dwarven runes of some kind carved into them. She confirmed that she saw somewhere around 50 trolls. Shit.
With the talk of rescuing slaves we start a Court of Argentum discussion about whether a small group of us will sneak in and try and get the slaves out before the army marches in or while the army is becoming visible so as to distract the trolls.
My opinion was that we leave Glanrim with the army and Vesket and his troops to start marching while the other four of us go in. Ellira agrees but Glanrim and Drael don’t want us to split the forces. Finn doesn’t want to vote because he wants to be where the most healing is needed and can’t decide whether it would be with slaves or the army.
In the end we decide to all stick together and we march upon the troll compound. As we approach the trolls gather is size. Yup, double the size of the last battle, and this time Hargulka, flanked by Nagrundi, the massive two headed troll. She is larger than I remember.
Hargulka then shouts to us, “So, you came. Got tired of us eating all your people, and well, all you did was saved us the trouble of walking to your city…. which will be our new city. Thanks for building walls and housing so many people for us to eat!” …These trolls are going down.
I then graciously offer them the chance to surrender and be offered merciful death. Pointing out that we eradicated their previous pathetic forces… which then Hargulka just laughs. And tells us we slew Thrundag the Coward.
“Trolls fear no fire, no acid…today is the day our kingdom grows!” … We’ll make them fear the people of Argentum!
We then let loose our ranged volley at them. Javelins, pitchforks, and tridents sink into troll flesh, but there are more trolls than before, and our men are not as practiced. The militia are a little stunned that we don’t just drop them. Drael and Hargulka both fling fireballs at opposing armies. Vesket flings lightning bolts from his trident, Bound Thunder.
So, our men and the braves rush in! The militia get into combat with the trolls, holding their own but not quite pushing them back. Then the lizardfolk braves flank in from the sides, distracted by our troops, many trolls fall. Many of ours suffer grievous wounds and they look ready to turn and run as some of our people are devoured by trolls.
Glanrim and I lock eyes, then he calls to his Iron Warriors to hold the ranks and riding by my banner giving inspiration causes the militia to hold their ground. And then they turn and look and see that many of the trolls have fallen as the lizardfolk are eating them. The trolls in fear, start to flee.
Revitalized by the trolls trying to flee we all cheer and charge after them! Almost all the trolls collapse but a handful of trolls are able to escape, including Hargulka and the massive Nagrundi. Coward.
We then cheer loudly, and Finn goes quickly to tend to the slaves with Ellira. He also takes some time to heal the troops somewhat. Drael starts using magic to see if anything of value is on the corpses. I help and notice a troll that had a tatoo has something around its neck, but Drael picks it up first and says it’s not magic but it’s a large chunk of metal.

Glanrim then comes over and says it might fit in the end of the something else. So then Drael keeps it and won’t hand it back to me. I suggest that we hang it around Sorath’s neck to wear as a symbol of our victory before we go off to cleanse the fortress of the troll vermin, but they don’t think this is a good idea.
When I try and explain that if we need to use, we can always take it off, and Drael still pockets it. What a prick. Glanrim then asks if we want to talk to them now, so I say go ahead. He, obviously knows I am way more suited to talk to people. But when they aren’t willing to hand me the item, I say, “Go ahead, Commander, go talk to the trolls,” and then I go check on our people.
I travel amongst them quickly and let them know that they have all fought valiantly. I then go and approach Vesket and thank him and his men once more. Vesket then says that him and his men may expand to this village, and I tell him that I think that would be a great as having powerful allies on our southern borders would be great. He nods then goes to gorge himself on troll flesh. I nod and go back to checking on the people… and I realize even though Drael is being a huge prick, backed by Glanrim, if there is talking to do, that as the ruler of Argentum, talking is my duty and will keep more safer than one of them doing it. I follow up the hidden path.



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