Thom's Kingmaking

Season 2: Episode 47 – Muster the Troops! (Kerubiel's point of view)

Season 2: Episode 47 – Muster the Troops! (Kerubiel’s point of view)
The next morning, we are in full council as we discuss our options for war. We decide that the militia will be raised as an official army and Glanrim will lead them in battle. He talks a lot about pros and cons, but we decide it should be him in the end.
We discuss calling on our allies the fey, kobolds, and lizardfolk and Erikk to aid us.
We tell Jhod that his people need to be patrolling all edges of the kingdom, so we know where these trolls are coming from. Since we are fighting trolls, we ask Finn if he could outfit the troops with vials of acid and he says he will get to work right away giving him whatever resources he needs. Ellira will support him too.
We decide that Ellira will talk to Tiressia and let all friendly fey know they are welcome to seek refuge if needed inside our walls. I ask Keston if I can have two of the boys ride with me to offer the same to Erikk and his crazy crew.
Drael, Kasner, Olivia and Dilph will ride down to talk to Vesket and the Old Beldame and see if we can rely on them. Also, while I am away, Finn and Ellira will go talk to Chief Sootscale.
And Glanrim will make sure the troops are as ready as they can be. But before we all set off, Glanrim has a gift for Finn. He presents him with a dagger like the rest ours, his engraved with the words, “Loyalty is the greatest glory.”
Then once I am suited up and Sorath is loaded he approaches me and presents me with a battle crown. He says that the people have a leader to rally behind without a doubt. It is an iron crown with golden prongs. It a crown for leader going into war. I gracefully dismount and allow him to place the crown upon my head. He says, “Iron within, Iron without” as he places it. We clasp arms and nod to each other. Then I quickly remount and ride out.
We ride hard and fast through the Narlmarches….and it turns out it wasn’t needed. The guy and his band seem aloof and are not worried. Why did I worry about this guy? Ugh. So, we don’t stay long, and ride back just as quick.
We stop at Tiressia on the way back and she says that she has sent out our invitation to peaceful fey but haven’t heard a commitment either way. Okay. And this is how I spend my birthday – Riding through the woods with Rin and Kian. Not what I was hoping for. Oh well, the sacrifices of being king.
We arrive back on the 18th by nightfall. Cora is sorry I missed my birthday celebrations and promises to make it up to me. She is a wonderful woman.
The next morning, war council is in full swing as people are sharing and reporting in. It turns out the lizardfolk will side with us and Chief Sootscale has raised his army as well. And as all this planning and strategizing is occurring, at some point a messenger rushes in and tells us that the trolls have attacked Fangberry Farm. Shit.
We wait one more day as the other armies arrive and then march to the farms. We arrive at the farms to see slaughtered livestock, but the buildings seem to be intact. Good they haven’t been here long.
And then a bulbous, boil covered troll yells to the rest of them and a small army of about twenty-five trolls congregate across the field from us. Not Hargulka, but these trolls will pay. It’s okay, this is what we prepared for. Then the bulbous one shouts at us,
“Thrundug has had much to eat, but the bones of these ones crush in your hands so easily!” And the trolls all rally and cheer!
The militia look shaken, but I ride down the line to remind them of our banner and our people and who we fight for. I notice several other people that Grigori had tried to influence, but they seem to have come to their senses. Notice Corax with his big lumberjack axe.
Corax spits at the ground toward me, and then spits twice at the trolls. What a wad. Glanrim then gives a speech about hard to chew on…but then finishes with something about that if we fail here our loved ones die. Then the iron born shout, “Iron within! Iron without!” And we attack.
As we rush forward, Vesket’s braves blot out the sun as tridents rain down on the trolls and sink into the troll flesh. They all fall, and our men come up and splatter the troll corpses with acid. The militia all cheer!
Finn then takes a troop of empty vials to collect samples, and he grabs some tattooed flesh from a troll too.
I quickly ride over, and I put my hand out to Vesket and say, “Important allies!” He shakes my hand and then I invite him to dig in. And his braves eat well tonight.
This battle is won!
And there is no sign of Hargulka so this was not the end but the beginning. I ask Ellira if she can ask Tiressia if there is another army marching. Jhod then points out that we will have some easy tracks to follow if we wish to pursue them back to their holes. We tell him to go scout and if they find any trolls then come back and let us know where they are. Although he’s concerned that they might be more than a week away.
We then invite Sootscale back to dinner and he says that we are all people of Argentum. I nod and pat him on the back. We then also invite Vesket and his braves back to the castle for the evening. We all go to enjoy a glorious victory!



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