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Season 2: Episode 46 – Ousting an Orator (Kerubiel's point of view)

Season 2: Episode 46 – Ousting an Orator (Kerubiel’s point of view)
We get back to the castle and debrief on the results of the debate. Everyone is super impressed with my skill at making this Grigori look like the joke he is. However, I did notice that some of the people, like Gith, seemed overly mesmerized by Grigori – very similar to how Faerm was with Melianse. Looks like there might be charm magic involved.
We also discuss who might have sent this guy. Was it from the north? A response to what happened with Chenlee? Perhaps it was Baron Drelev’s kingdom. Loinarv and Jensothi haven’t heard anything in regards to this but we encourage them to keep an ear to the ground.
Then Kasner pipes up and says how impressed he was with my speeches and how he is proud to be my uncle. I tell him that I am proud to be a part of this family too.
Keston then suggests we bring more guards just in case something bad happens. If that is the case, then we should keep two of the boys at the castle gates in case we need to have with draw, but I am doubtful because this joker is going to be ousted.
Glanrim then says he will have some of his Iron guard at the castle too. I then bring up the charming thought again and we think we should talk to them now that the debate is over to see if we can get some insight.
Drael wants to make sure we don’t ever attack citizens, just make sure the castle is safe.
We then stress again that Loinarv needs to find out who sent this. And discuss that he should be trailed discretely. Make sure to not give him any more ammunition.
We then go back and forth on whether we should talk to one of the ones that were on the stage. And it is finally decided that Finn and Ellira will talk to Gith in the morning. Leave them be for tonight.
After council, Cora comes over and I regale her with my impressive skill and how stupid this fool looked going up against me. I also let her know that Falco may be charmed by this guy so be careful just in case. And even though she is worried, I let her know that I will do whatever needed to keep all the people in this kingdom safe. I was raised to deal with the complications of running a kingdom. She does not need to worry. She nods and we then turn in.
At breakfast the next morning, we have some more discussion on the day’s plans. Drael shares that he has some riot dispersal techniques. Interesting.
I then ask Kasner about more details on our current political standings. He shares that Brevoy seems to be more inward focused at the moment. The Varnling Host seemed pretty sincere in their invitation so he would be shocked if they planted Grigori. And that Baron Drelev is still a bag of dicks so they don’t have a lot of friends, but he’s still not sure if they would have the gall to try this.
Ellira shares her conversation with Gith and she apparently thinks we have a lot of power and that power should be dispersed more. Oh brother.
Loinarv then has an update on trailing Grigori and they noticed that in the middle of the night his door opened for a moment and then closed but no one came out. Hmm, must be able to make himself invisible.
Later that morning, we arrive at the town center and now on the stage with Grigori are Olivia (what?), Jubilost – that garbage gnome, Corax and Vic too. What is happening? Ellira even seems upset and says ‘this is crap’. I agree and as I pass Jubilost, I say how they will let any piece of garbage through the gates. He tries to come back with some quip, but I don’t have time for him.
Grigori then talks to the crowd about us coming to possibly arrest him and how we as leaders will often choose the fey over our own people. What a prick. I do like that we are dealing with this the right way, but man, does he deserve an end of a lance.
He then goes on to talk about how we choose the fey over loggers, or other people of industry. Trying to suggest we will give away their stuff. What a tool. I then point out how we have made allies with the fey folk. We are the first successful kingdom because we don’t just try and attack everyone. We create alliances with other peaceful races. That we have made alliances with kobolds and others to help keep evil beings such as trolls at bay. And the only home we every gave away was Finn, giving up his tent to create an infirmary. The crowd are roaring for us now.
He then must recompose himself – what a novice. But then tries to talk about those that thirst for power. And he looks at me. Man, this is his plan? Of course, I thirsted for power. I know I can do great things. Oh, and then he brings up Finn’s Flyers and how they want Finn to be the ruler. Finn looks stunned. He then asks me to do the ‘honorable’ thing and renounce rulership and give it to Finn…He even tries to encourage Finn to ‘take’ the crown. And then he would promise to leave…sure he would
This guy clearly did not do his research. What an amateur. Finn would hate ruling. But then the crowd starts slowly shouting ‘Finn’, mostly some men at first, but others join in. Oh brother. But then Finn steps up next to me and hushes the crowd.
He tells them all that his faith is in his kin as he kneels to me. He then stands and thanks for their encouragement, but he is here to heal and be their voice. Finn then tells them that I am the true king.
I pat him on the shoulder and address the crowd again, pointing out how each of us took different positions that played to our strengths so that Argentum would thrive and in turn so would they! And that when insects try to infest our kingdom, I am ready with a big ol’ fly swatter. And that I will strive to ensure everyone has silver in their pockets and live a bountiful life.
His final play is to try and say we are creating an illusion of safety with tall walls to keep them safe. Ugh, what a tool. And that we are maybe trying to keep them in…and that is it.
I then point out all the monster trophies we have brought home to help keep everyone safe. I then ask the crowd who has ever felt like that can’t leave. And that all are welcome here in Argentum…except for this dick…okay the two dicks (I point to Jubilost as well). We have done our best to make peace with those that occupy the Stolen Lands, but this monster is trying to tear that apart. And I spit on the ground at his feet. The crowd obviously cheered for me…even one of his supporters leaves the stage after that – I think his name was Thomas…And with that the crowd disperses for the day. Many shaking their heads at ever having listened to this fool.
That night at dinner, Ellira shares with us that she has talked to Faerm. She says that she has encouraged him to go back north. Oh well, might have been better if Melianse was happy, but at least the tool is gone.
With also Grigori’s supporters failing, we discuss the option of sharing the stage – see Tiressia, I listen… and we decide that Drael will start speaking to the crowd tomorrow.
After council dinner, Cora comes over and I regale her with my cunning speech skills, and she seems quite impressed. Pumped on a successful day of debating we retire to the bedroom early tonight.
The final showdown the next day at 11. It’s a nice day to crush a bug. I lead up onto the stage, but this time we push Drael to the front. Grigori tries to start by pointing out that we supposedly kill people who disagree with us. Man, it would be nice to just kill this guy, but this will feel so much better. I almost step up to address him, but I remember Drael is going to finish him and hold my tongue.
Drael just ignores the grave comments and goes for his allegiance. Wham, nice work bud. As he hammers into where Grigori’s loyalties lie, the crowd starts to shift, and we have won the day. Many people start booing Grigori and his loyal supporters raise their hands in surrender.
I reassure them that they have done nothing wrong and have nothing to fear. Glanrim then comes up with manacles at hand and I let Grigori know he is under arrest for crimes against the crown. The fool then tries to jump into the crowd, but the crowd does not let him go and Glanrim puts the cuffs on him. Ellira then says to the crowd that we don’t just kill people and Glanrim whispers to me ‘unless he’s a traitor, then he loses his head.’ I nod agreement.
Finn then grabs Ellira and says the trees are being funny, so she goes and listens to the big tree. We give Grigori to Keston as we make our way up to the castle. Ellira rushes to the tree.
When she gets there and takes the moment to cast her spell, Finn notes the motions she goes through, and we all wait as her face turns to dread and concern. She speaks the words that Tiressia whispers through the trees.
“The trees, they tremble with the sounds of troll boots marching…
The trees, they tremble with the scents of bodies and bodies walking through…
The trees, they tremble with the understanding of pools of humanoid blood soaking into their roots from the forest floor…”
She then tells Finn, and they rush to find us. Oh Sh-



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