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Season 2: Episode 45 – Strange Alliances and Stranger Happenings (Kerubiel's point of view)

Season 2: Episode 45 – Strange Alliances and Stranger Happenings (Kerubiel’s point of view)
We have food and drink with Erikk and his people. Sorath takes a seat next to me and we cheers to our ‘new allies’. We have a delicious roast boar and gravy with some shamble root. Not bad food for being out here in the middle of the woods.
I ask him how he had heard about us, and they say that they had bumped into some of our people through their travels throughout the stolen lands. We talk about the dangers of the Narlmarches, in particularly trolls, and they say they haven’t had any encounters with them and tend to avoid them. I share our particular distain for them.
After eating we engage in some different forms of revelry. Glanrim wrestles a small elven man easily and then a dwarven woman who makes him work up a bit of a sweat before he pins her. Way to go, general. I give him a wink after he finishes.
Ellira, wanting to work on her musical skills, does some singing with the dwarven bard, Arkud. He is actually a skilled teacher and is able to quickly teach me a song that I will be able to sing to Cora. That ought to impress her. Even Sorath is able to purr along to the tune. What am impressive cat I have.
After the singing lesson, in which I notice Finn has been taking notes wherever he went around camp, Glanrim comes up to us each individually and tells us that he sees some upturned earth under each of the wagons. Finn decides to go invisible to investigate.
He later tells us that there were buried treasures of fine silks, coins, jewelry, clothing, and art. Strange. Definitely something strange about these people, will have to keep an eye on these new ‘allies.’
Late afternoon we give our farewell and I notice Finn throw a note or something to Xyrona before rushing off to mount up on Charlabu. Oh cousin. Also, on the path just outside of. Erik’s camp we find a wand laying on the ground that was not there before – must be Lucky’s way of saying ‘thanks’.
We make it to Tiressia by nightfall, and she invites to rest the night by the protection of her glade. Melianse is also there, and she whines a little that she misses Faerm and would love for him to come visit her. We let her know we’ll talk to him. I think it’s a fantastic idea to have that dolt back in the woods away from us.
In all the haste of trying to get Lucky to stop harrying us, I forgot to ask Glanrim why Drael didn’t come. He tells us that Drael wanted to do some ‘testing’ on the population to see if anyone in town had some latent magical potential. We then also discuss how Finn summoned a unicorn and since he is learning this new magic there might be some hiccups along the way. He was apparently trying to just talk to the animals and was trying to mimic Ellira and it all went wrong.
The next morning, Ray J is in quite the mood and isn’t even responsive to masterful hand and tries to nip Finn – who thinks he just is tired of being in the woods and is acting out. Whatever.
We arrive back in Silver Falls around high noon, I stop by Cora’s house and leave her a note that I am home. At the castle, Jensothi is at the gates of the castle to greet us, all in a tizzy. He says there is urgent business to discuss and suggests we call the council. So, we give the order and quickly go put our stuff away and meet in the council room.
Jensothi tells us that some upstart has been giving speeches that have been riling up the townsfolk. He showed up the day we left and has been trying to convince the townsfolk to denounce us barons. This motherfucker is going to pay.
While waiting for others to gather, I ask Drael how recruitment for potential sorcerers went while we are away, and he reports that there were a few and, in a few years, we might have a spellcasting squad. This is at least some good news and I encourage him to keep up the good work.
As the rest arrive, all eyes are on me – naturally, to hear what our plan will be. I start by asking what we know and Kasner is the first to pipe up saying that he tried to disperse the situation at first, but this guy seems to be some kind of professional and he couldn’t sway the people away from listening to him. We find out his name is Griggori.
Finn wonders whether to kill him or not, since that’s what we seem to do. I point out that we don’t just kill everyone. Elyel we gave her a trial, but someone else killed her. Glanrim says that a shark did away with the other one.
Akiros agrees with Finn and says that when he used to work for the Stag Lord, any upstarts were dealt with, and if that’s what you want, as the enforcer, I will. He then gives a look to Ellira and then quickly adds – only if we want.
Keston suggests arresting him? I agree, as I think he’s committing treason, and as a professional, there’s probably someone who hired him. Drael then wonders if there is any truth to his words before we arrest him, which Finn seconds.
Kasner replies that there is truth in what he is saying, but nothing he is saying is true. Kasner then shares that he’s been secretly here for a couple of weeks and has found out a lot about us. If we kill and arrest him then the people will become more unruly.
We find out that he speaks at a regular time and so we propose to meet him and if we need to then have Keston and his boys on hand. We then have a discussion that I plan on correcting him on his erroneous claims and that we just need the boys on hand in case they try and invoke hostility. Drael is happy about this and that we aren’t just arresting him for speaking out against us. Finn gets a little bummed out because he thinks that he’s failed the people because they are listening to Griggori. I reassure him and that it will be alright once I talk to them. Drael seconds this and of course wants me to talk to them. He knows how great I am, so I wink at Drael and thank him for noticing; although Glanrim tries to say that my wink doesn’t always work, but we all know he’s wrong.
Council then adjourns with the plan to interrupt Griggori’s speech tomorrow. I go back to my tower and Cora meets me there. She says she has heard him speak and wants me to be careful. She didn’t buy anything he was saying but she could see that others were really responding to it. I ask her to tell me what he said, and she is worried it will hurt my feelings and I can’t convince her otherwise. Oh well. Despite all this going on, I still rest well with Cora in my arms.
We gather for council on the morning of the 10th, and Keston is there with a couple of his boys and says he just needs the word and he will put this guy in a cold, dark, cell. I nod and then realize that if Keston is back, then Lily must be here too. So I tell him when I this is all over, I want to meet her. Then we have breakfast and prepare to head to town square.
The square now has a small, raised platform, including Gith?! I thought she liked us. Falco, Corax and Arven are there too! And then in the middle of them is a middle-aged human who thinks he is fancily dressed. What a twerp.
As we approach and push through the crowd, I dismount to the sound of crowd, and then this vile voice cuts through – to say we abandon the town to go on fool’s errands and leave the town exposed. Ugh. He tries to say that the werewolf came because we pushed it towards our town. And that we always come back richer and never give it to them.
Glanrim then looks to me and, of course, says he trusts my judgement as he goes to get his rocks- whatever that means. I nod and step up onto the stage, and of course people make way for me – even if I must make them. Ellira stays at the bottom of the stage, looking quite imposing, and Finn and Drael follow me up. Sorath, of course, is also right behind me. Ellira does do some magical way of saying, I approve.
I then turn to the crowd, and a hush falls over the crowd. I tell them how we have brought them to the prosperous place and have built walls. I tell them that we try to keep them safe but even rats can sneak in – and I stare at Griggori at this moment. I talk about all the great deeds – killing dangerous foes, make allies that help us to prosper, and then point out how filthy and greedy this Griggori scum is. The crowd obviously sees my side.
He then tries to bring up Chenlee and he thinks we paid someone to kill her – just because she disagreed with us. What a tool.
I then point out that this stranger obviously does not know everything. And I point out all the kindness we pay to our people and all the things we have helped to keep them safe and prosper. We rescued Tigg and made new allies even. This tool has nothing on us.
He then tries to say that if we knew what was around Silver Falls, then less children would go missing, but the crowd does not seem as impressed. They even boo at this tool.
And I then point out that we are out discovering the perimeter of our kingdom and this man would have us spend their hard earned tax dollars paying for some over-priced cartographer to map the area – which wouldn’t make anyone any safer, but would have taken away the money we used to build the blacksmith! Damn, I’m good. This guy is a professional? Yea right.
Which he then tries to talk about the death of Sorath to bring her back to life. How the fuck dare he? I point out that Sorath has fought to defend these citizens and she and the rest of us will continue to fight for their safety, unlike this piece of garbage. Then I leave the stage as the crowd disperses.



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