Thom's Kingmaking

Season 2; Episode 44 – An Unexpected Welcome and New Friends (Kerubiel’s point of view)

Season 2; Episode 44 – An Unexpected Welcome and New Friends (Kerubiel’s point of view)

I spend the rest of the day traveling around town, greeting my people, and seeing how everyone is. The people are all so polite and are super impressed with everything. They seem pleased that we are getting a general store and I go to check on that, but the curtains are drawn with an ‘opening soon’ sign on the door. I guess I’ll have to wait on that.

My rounds of the town are put on hold when I see Finn with X-27 walking around town on some sort of waist leash. After a bit Ellira joins him, but he seems pleased with his new hound and even though the people are giving him wide birth his mannerism is still that of a proud father. Sorath and I keep our distance for the rest of the day, and he seems to be getting better control of him…. Well, I keep an eye on him, because mid-afternoon, Catrim shows up and wants to play with Sorath so I let them go and play.

That night, Cora and I have dinner together and I tell her that I have to go again but will be back soon. She makes me promise as she has plans for the two of us to get a way for a few days for my birthday. I will definitely be back for that.

The next morning, over breakfast we decide that we will head straight west from Silver Falls. When Glanrim entered the room, Sorath went and nuzzled him and let out a slight whimper, seems she liked to have a cat friend to play with. Jensothi and Tigg give us some hearty rations, ensuring we are well taken care of before we leave.

After an uneventful sunny day travelling, we make camp and are thankful for the rations as the game Sorath caught is uncookable because we can’t keep our fire going. Damn whimsical fey. Good thing it’s a nice night and we don’t need the fire for warmth. We chat a bit before turning in and Glanrim comments that Sorath had lots of nice things to say about me – of course…and then starts to mention some bedroom activities and I comment that maybe her bed could be in another room some nights…hmm.

Training that night for X-27 does not go well as he seems upset by the cold meat. Finn has been spoiling this pup and he pulls on Finn’s leash, causing him to trip and he ends up bashing his face on a rock and I hear him muttering in sylvan, ‘Damn!” He seems healed by the morning, at least physically, and who knows if his pride has healed, but he seems in good spirits.

The next day we make it to Tiressia’s tree, and she is happy to host us. I let her know that Lucky has been quite adamant at us coming to help her. Falchos plays an upbeat tune, and she gives us a delicious berry that despite its small size is completely filling. As we start turning in for the night, Tiressia assures us that we are safe and that we should rest easy A few moments later, I can hear her talking in Sylvan, given Lucky a stern tone, telling her that the pranks are enough, and we are here to help. The next morning, we awake unharried for the first time in a week.

As we finish breakfast, Lucky shows herself briefly to tell us to ‘hurry, hurry’ and follow her before disappearing again. As we continue on the forest grows thicker and the canopy denser. It is cooler because of the shade and about every hour Lucky appears and points us in a direction before disappearing. Roughly six hours later she appears again but this time puts a finger to her lips says the bigginsis are around the corner then disappears again.

We lay out a scouting plan where I will take point with Glanrim just behind. Finn will cover our flank and Ellira will scout up through the thick underbrush. We go forward cautiously moving as a synchronized squad. My battle tactics are finally getting listened to. After a little bit Glanrim whispers if we are being too cautious and I remind him last time we travelled we were jumped by a purple penis monster, and he agrees that we should not do that again.

We continue scouting until I catch sight of the edge of a cart and then then whisper and signal to everyone to be ready to move on my count. As we rush to head around the corner, what we are greeted with is shocking.

A whole chorus of different races break out into song of “For They are Jolly Good Barons”. It is surprisingly all on key and they all have huge grins on their faces. A dwarf with a lyre is conducting them and behind them is a camp with a long table down the middle. Cages with a plethora of different animals and tents in between.

As they are singing, Glanrim whispers if they knew it was my birthday. I turn and ask if this was the surprise they had mentioned earlier. As they finish, I notice that Finn’s ‘interest’ the potion lady who tried to swindle us when we were werewolf hunting is here. That is when a human man with brown hair and short beard approaches us with a giant stag behind him.

He asks us if we are the Barons of Argentum and we nod, and then I ask who they are. He tells us that he is Erikk and this is their bard, Arkud Merrybringer (the dwarf). Ellira greets them and Erikk invites us to join them in food and a spot around the fire. Ellira then asks if they were expecting us. He says yes as they too have eyes and ears that can notice people in the woods, as he pats the giant stag behind him.

I am trying to get a read on his intent as we are all quite suspicious since that crazy hermit jumped us. He seems genuine but might be holding something back. Looking around we notice a menagerie of wild and domesticated animals – thylacines, eagles, owls, deer, squirrels, horses and even crows. They all seem oddly calm though.

Finn then pipes up saying that Rae Jay is going to meet the people as he puts X-27 down. Not worrying about that for right now, I tell Erikk we have come on behalf of our citizens looking for someone. He says okay and welcomes us in. The people here are also a menagerie with no dominant race.

As we walk in more, I tell him that we are looking for an owlbear as I notice her in the back corner of the camp. He asks who is looking for the owlbear and I explain that one of Argentum’s allies is friends with Owlinor. He asks who our allies are and before I can answer, Glanrim pipes up and says we hope that he will be. I confirm this too. Hoping we don’t have to resort to violence to get this fey off our backs if possible.

I then notice that that gnome woman who tried to sell us an exorbitant potion to fight something that wasn’t a werewolf. I point out to Finn that Xyrona is here and off he goes to try and impress her…with drool from Ray Jay. Oh, buddy he needs help, and oh now the dwarf is there, and she has slipped away. My cousin needs some lessons when it comes to courting.

After the Finn show has mostly finished, I ask Erikk how long he’s had the owlbear and he says she’s new to them. I correct him and say that he’s had her for at least 2 moons which causes him to grimace. I don’t like being lied to. He then says he wants us, when we do, to leave happy, and that releasing the owlbear could cause lots of damage and is valuable property. I don’t like companions and friends being referred to as property.

I ask him if he counts his stag as property and he nods and asks me if I don’t view Sorath the same way. I tell him of course not, and that Sorath is my best friend. I give Ellira a knowing look and shake my head at this guy.

I tell him that if he is willing to show us some good will and and return Owlinore to us and her friend that we will happily enjoy a meal with them. He then asks if we have a big leash to get her out of here safely. I tell him it will be fine and Ellira reassures that she can talk to Owlinore and tell her where to go. This of course impresses him. And then he lets us go talk to her.

I ask him why he brought her here and he is just interested in training interesting creatures to make new companions. Glanrim confirms that his schtick is to train wild animals and make them companions. Glanrim makes it sound not that great.

Meanwhile, Finn has approached the stag – Albion and all of a sudden, a unicorn has appeared. It rears up and bolts into the trees. Finn seems non phased. But Erikk is impressed.

Erikk then says if we can bring the unicorn back, we can trade Owlinore straight across. I tell him that if he wants it, he has to go get it and that I believe in him (I totally don’t) but he rallies some of his men and as we go to talk to Owlinore. Seeing Ellira look like she is going to cast a spell, Finn rushes up to join us and I say some reassuring words in sylvan to Owlinore, letting her know we are friends of Lucky.

She doesn’t seem to understand me but perks up at the familiar language and the mention of her friend’s name. Then Ellira talks to her, and Finn awkwardly tries to mimic her. Ellira lets us know that Owlinore is excited to run with lucky. Then asks if we let Owlinore go, do you think she will find Lucky. I think she will stampede into the woods and her whimsical fey friend will find her. She agrees her.

Erikk comes to join us now and asks Ellira if she can teach him, which then she says that the Green Faith bestows her with these gifts or something and he eats it up. And Finn says ‘yea’

He then one more time invites us to eat and drink and activities– very pushy for this and I reassert that we can’t relax until we have freed our ally’s friend. His tone then changes to a more serious one. Then Finn and Ellira talk in a language I have never heard either of them speak.

Then he starts talking about duty and taking duty seriously. And wants to make a deal about them keeping us safe and us keeping them safe. Then we could have a deal to release Owlinore. I tell him that I would of course have to converse with my council first before making any official kingdom decisions. He says of course, you are favoured here…I just nod and and wave him off.

I noticed that Glanrim isn’t with us, but Finn goes to get him and struts in some weird through the camp to find him. Man, he has to work on his game. When they get back, we discuss the pros and cons of allying with them.

We think they will be valuable allies, I am just wondering if we might have issues with them and other fey in the future. Glanrim makes a good point that the fey are in different parts and they are in this part. We then decide that we want to check the condition of the animals that are here and Ellira says she will talk to them.

She shares that all animals that aren’t in cages seem quite happy and loyal to particular people and the ones in cages are not mistreated they just have various degrees of longing for freedom. So, the animals aren’t abused. Then Finn points out that Xyrona tried to swindle us and then disappeared when Elyel died too. Hmmm. Then Finn says his plan is to try and seduce her to get info. Oh man. His game. I suggest that I can give him some pointers while we train Ray Gay or Jay in the future.

So, Finn is on board because even if they are bad that everyone deserves a chance at redemption. Then after mentioning the possibility of a menagerie Finn misconstrues and we try and move past.

Glanrim then says that we have to try and make peace with as many as possible and they may not always agree. Some animals need to be trained. Men have to make a living or something and then brings up Tiressia’s comment that things need balance.

I remind us all to all be on guard. And we hope for the best after Owlinore is released. I say that we should have some drinks, but Glanrim won’t because of the whiskers and Finn because of some kind of religious thing. So, just and Ellira and I will try the food and drink. If they try anything with my cat, I will watch the life leave each of their eyes.

we go back up to Erikk and I offer our alliance with him. He likes saying duty a lot. Then spits on his hand and I take off my gauntlet and spit on my hand and offer my hand back. He has a firm grasp. And then we head over to Owlinore, but he calls Albion the stag over. He then wants us to make sure Owlinore doesn’t come into the camp. I tell him that he has nothing to worry about. I am amazing with animals after all. Then I ask Ellira to let Owlinore that she’ll be free, but she says she can’t talk to her anymore. I grab a meat skewer on my way over from some guy and then head up to her cage. We flank the cage and I get ready to let her out. But first Glanrim just takes a short stroll into the woods for a couple of minutes – must be going to address Lucky.

Then he comes back and gives a nod saying his friends are ready. He then puts his hand in front of her nose and tells her she is waiting for her. Erikk is impressed with us of course again. I then take the skewer and throw it into the woods. Then Erikk hands me the key and I unlock it. She then pushes her beak into my chest, in between the plates, almost breaking skin, but then she turns and runs into the woods.

Erikk then complained about the amount of work that just ran off, and we reassure him that we actually saved him some extra work as the owlbear has powerful friends. Glanrim then says, not to offend, but he won’t be partaking in the drink and some other stuff. Erikk then says that that’s fine and we are welcome and some other blah blah blah. Man, they seem too good to be true…



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