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Season 2: Episode 43 – Guess We’re Here for A Short Time (Kerubiel's point of view)

Season 2: Episode 43 – Guess We’re Here for A Short Time (Kerubiel’s point of view)
After seeing the notice board, I wave to the others and go to let Cora know I am home. She has flecks of clay on her face, and it looks like she was working on something. She looks at me and asks if she should be worried. I assure her that we are all fine. Finn healed me up and I kept everyone else safe. I ask her to come for dinner and she obliges but needs to get cleaned up first. I agree, considering all the battle gunk I am covered in. We kiss and then I am off to my tower to get cleaned up.
Before heading to get cleaned up, I track down Jensothi and asks if he could track down Stas for me to discuss his Hodag problem. I tell him of how I valiantly distracted the beast enabling the others to take its life. I reassure him I am fine, as I can see the concern for me my health on his face. When I mention that the one, we slew didn’t have a spear in it, he suggest that it might not be the same Hodag. I still want to meet with Stas, so he tells me he will organize it for tomorrow. Then off to bathe.
While we are finishing our meal together, Ellira knocks at the door. She has talked to Janelle, and they are doing great which makes her happy, so I am happy for her. Ellira then tells me that Faerm was in the woods because Berinon Garess wants a hunting lodge far away from Brevoy. I don’t know much about him, except that he is the son of Lord Howlan, the patriarch of the Garess family. Apparently, Faerm was spending time with Berinon’s sister, Josselyn, and that the next time he met with Berinon, he wanted his hunting lodge as soon as possible. So that’s why Faerm’s down south here. I can’t say I blame him. I wish I could get this tool to go further south. I thank Ellira for sharing and then usher her out and join Cora upstairs, as she snuck off when we were talking business. The night is beautiful, and we spend some time admiring the view of the Tuskwater and stargazing before retiring for the night.
The next day as Cora and I are getting dressed, I find that all my footwear is missing but Cora’s boots are where she left them. First hair, now boots. This fey is persistent. Cora and I kiss then she is off to work and I, barefoot, head to the council room to see if I am the only one who has been pranked. As I enter the room with Sorath, I meet Ellira who is following Tamus, also without shoes on. Then we both see a huge pile of footwear all tied and tangled together on the table.
Ellira then starts yipping to Tamus. She then says a few things then turns into a rabbit, telling me that Tamus smells bouncy. That confirms Lucky, I suppose. I then tell Sorath to playfully, ‘get her’ and gesture towards rabbit Ellira. She starts to sink into a prowl when Finn walks in with X-27 on a leash and before he can react, the bunny has invoked X’s prey drive and he pulls free of Finn. I, master animal handler that I am, quickly give Sorath the command to grab the leash and she is on it; however, Ellira notices right away and quickly reverts to her elven form, possibly giving Tamus a shock as he was smelling her in bunny form.
Finn then says he thinks more training is needed and I quickly agree. I then comment about how these fey are persistent when they want something done. Ellira asks what she wanted again, seeming to have forgotten – I guess her mind was on Janelle and Faerm. I remind her that she wanted help rescuing her owlbear friend, Owlinore, from bigginsis. Glanrim comes in at this point with his plate of breakfast.
I say that we could deal with this, but we must be back in just over a week for a special event. Ellira is quick to say that there was no way we would miss my birthday and Glanrim tells her that she should have played along to not spoil the surprise. Of course, they were planning something for me, they love this guy.
I then announce to the room that we will leave tomorrow to investigate the problem – hoping that Lucky is listening and will lay of the pranks. Then I suggest that Glanrim talk to Drael because no one has seen him since we got back. He nods. Jensothi then tells us that Stas will be here shortly. I ask Finn if he would mind getting the Hodag stuff he harvested. Ellira says she is going to talk to Keston today. We nod, and then head to our next meetings.
Stas comes in looking very excited and saying that he heard we found his spear. I tell him that we believe his tale about Hodags. I then tell Finn to show him we believe by showing his stuff with a wink. Finn, not reading my intent, pull out a vial of troll blood and before he pulls out something else, I tell him, no, the eye, Finn. He just says ‘jeez, why didn’t you say so.’ I roll my eyes.
Stas agrees that that is a hodag eye, and then I tell him, it had no spear in it. He assures Finn and I that he definitely put his spear in it, like in one side and out the other. I ask where abouts this was about 25 miles west of here, which is further than where we encountered ours. Finn nods saying it was 12.63 miles from here.
Finn seems very excited that there may be another one because he wants to study them. I clarify that Stas wants us to just bring him the head of one, and that we get to keep his spear. He nods, saying it is a family heirloom, but returning his pride is more important. We then get off on a tangent talking about the purple throbbing muscular monster that tried to drown me, before Finn offers Stas a horn for now.
He says he’d happily take a horn but really wants the head, so Finn rescinds his offer, and just says that we will get him the head. In a hurry! He then whispers to me if he did sarcasm right, I smile and tell him he nailed it. Finn then goes to talk to Kasner.
As Stas and Finn are leaving, Ellira comes back into the council room and double checks what she is talking to Keston about. We remind her again that he should bring Lily and his friend Teldeth to Silver Falls. Later, when I am doing rounds around town, I see Keston suddenly go riding by, heading north, at a gallop’s pace.
Later, we all have lunch together, but no Drael. Finn says that he must have misremembered what he heard from Kasner’s trip here, because he didn’t mention any fey creatures. I then ask Ellira how her talk with Keston went and she says he is going to talk to Lily. I nod and say I assumed when I saw him ride out of town. Finn asks how Ellira’s talk with Janelle went. She says great and that she is happy because she loves Janelle. Finn, shocked, clarifies. Which Ellira then says, of course she does. Finn then does some weird hand clapping thing and asks if she ‘loves’ her? This makes Ellira turn red. I quickly respond for her that friendly love, not like Keston and Lily. Finn nods and then goes on that he’s only into women too, but then the scientist in him is willing to try anything and luckily Glanrim has some whiskey to distract us from that conversation.
The cause of the distraction is that the moment he finishes his swig, he spits it back out – a first for him. He then asks us who replaced his whiskey with water? We look puzzled as he starts to shrink, and within moments there is not a dwarf in front of us, but a fluffy and cute kitten. I think this suits him. Although the cat still has a beard which is a little strange.
Finn dives as quickly as he can onto X’s leash. Sorath helps and kitty Glanrim walks over to Ellira and points to his mouth. Apparently hungry for kitty treats already. Finn, seeing X under control says that he’d like to try speaking to him but needs Ellira’s guidance casting the spell. She obliges and a few moments later, he is meowing with Glanrim.
Finn shares that Glanrim says there was something in his drink….he then pops kitty claws out and Finn says something about eating him. Then Finn takes his mask off and gets closer. Ellira picks up the flask and starts inspecting it and asks for Finn’s assistance. He picks up kitty Glanrim and after looking closely at it says it is some sort of transmutation magic that should wear off in time. He then meows this to Glanrim who starts hissing and puffing up and trying to scratch Finn. It’s quite cute actually. Finn then tells us – ‘he’s not happy.’ …I guess my shoes being knotted isn’t the worst thing. He he.



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