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Kingdom building - Winter in the Country of Silver [Kuthona to Calistril] (Kerubiel's point of view)

Kingdom building – Winter in the Country of Silver [Kuthona to Calistril] (Kerubiel’s point of view)

Winter is cold and biting as Kuthona rolls in, but the people of my kingdom are hardy and are content now that they have proper rooves over their heads – quite a different story from last year.
Despite the snow piling up, we are able to expand the kingdom further. The area where the ruined temple of Erastil is now part of our kingdom. I am glad that things continue to be on track to hold up our end of the bargain with Keegh.
Our people need food and fish are plentiful along the rivers that litter the kingdom, so we build another fishery. We also continue to build roads to join Tatzylford and Silver Falls. They should hopefully be done early in the new year.
We also build more homes and I repay a favour to Robin the potter who is teaching Cora how to sculpt but giving him a store front. He decides to call it ‘Clay at its Finest’. It has a nice ring to it and as the city grows, he is able to supply the peoples’ demands.
As winter continues, our new town has attracted some squatters and word from Mayor Loy requests aid from the capital. Glanrim is about to send some militia, but Finn says that he will take care of it with a group of volunteers. A little skeptical, but Finn ‘flies’ west to deal with the problem. Loy sends word back that it was dealt with swiftly and he is appreciative.
Into Abadius and the heart of winter, we continue to press on. Cora says she has heard that winter weddings have beautiful clothing, and she wants to get married next Kuthona. I agree and think it will be a splendid idea.
We continue to expand, north this time and establish a gold mine in the new area. Argentum will be the glorious kingdom of silver and gold! We may have to mint our own coins soon. Despite the cold, I feel all warm inside. Oh, and we also get roads that now connect us in Silver Falls all the way to Tatzylford.
Silver Falls grows as well, and Aila’s family would love a more permanent building for their candle shop. Finn has been getting lots from them so best to give them a bigger place and so Wicks and Clicks is opened by the end of the month. Apparently, there is rumor of a saucy backroom to the shop, but I have not bothered to investigate further. The people seem happy.
As we enter the final month of winter, Calistril, we publicly announce there will be more holidays because the kingdom is prospering so well, with the first being the day after Merrymead so that all can enjoy a night of revelry and sleep it off without worry. Cora and I enjoy a fun filled date-night as an anniversary of the night we met. Incredible how much has changed.
We also build more roads, north this time and expand to farm more fish from the rivers. We build more homes for our new town as it grows, and the Orange Lantern is now a full tavern and inn as well. Latricia and Loy send word that things are going wonderfully.
Lumberjacks and settlers have also started to clear the land around the Temple of the Elk to prepare the area to be a new settlement. Things are on track! Looks like we will have no problem visiting Varnhold next month.