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Kingdom building - The Summer of War [Erastus to Rova] (Kerubiel's point of view)

Kingdom building – The Summer of War [Erastus to Rova] (Kerubiel’s point of view)
The Summer of War Erastus to Rova

The expansion of the kingdom continued this month and funds to build another apiary went ahead as planned. To help appease the lumberjacks we have dedicated this new area of land to have a sawmill so that they may have a focused home base when outside of the city’s walls.
Finally, the construction of the monument was started, and Cora and Robin are doing a fantastic job. With the help of different council members, they are collecting the names of every family that made the initial trek to find our glorious kingdom. Jensothi has put into the budget for monument for some other features to make it a wonderful place to visit – gardens and benches, that sort of thing.
Despite the end of the month resulting in a terrible war with the trolls, and a horrible bit of uncertainty with Grigori and his influence, the monument is finished on time, and I think that it gives the people a sense of pride, especially those that got in at the ground floor. The town sculptors have done a fantastic job. I of course don’t get to see the completed work until returning home, victorious, but saddened by the loss of a dear friend.
We fought valiantly against the trolls and won the day with the help of our lizardfolk allies. I hope this relationship will continue to be bountiful and we can encourage them to eat ‘people’ less.
With some of the supplies won from the troll settlement, we complete the addition to the Blue Lantern, and it now is a proper inn and tavern. The people seem happy with this. There are more people flooding to our country and more homes are built. Finally, we establish a proper fishery in the waterways that surround our great city. Despite having been at war we are able to provide food for all our people. The army is now garrisoned in the castle and Glanrim continues to train those that are interested in being full time soldiers. Some go back their jobs, but others join our cause with the success of our troll campaign.
We send word to our potential allies, the Varnling Host and give directions to our kingdom from Oleg’s Trading Post. We tell them because of our recent war with the trolls we will not be able to visit them until mid-autumn, but give them invitations to our Festival of Silver.
Finn approaches GIth and asks if she was genuine about wanting to speak for the people. She seems shocked at first but then agrees, so Finn begins preparing for her to take his place in Rova, when he will assume Ellira’s previous position of high priest. It will be a good fit for Finn.
Cora and I are able to get away at the end of the month, once council has met. She takes me up into the woods near Oleg’s trading post. We stop there first and greet Oleg. Him and Svetlana are doing well. After getting some food and such we make our way to this little cabin in the woods.
When we get there, it looks a little overgrown but it’s quaint and a wonderful place to relax and forget some of my troubles, although on the second night the nightmare of Ellira’s death haunts me and Cora comforts me. The next day we notice a trapdoor hidden under a rug in the center of the hut. Excited nervous energy fills Cora, and maybe a little me, but more that I get to have an adventure with her as we decide to explore what lurks below.
A waft of burnt lumber hits our nostrils and the stairs seem blackened with soot. After a few steps the sound of splintering wood breaks the silence and at Cora’s encouragement, we decided to abandon exploring the basement. The rest of our weekend we find a nearby pond and swim, climb trees and act like young kids and lovers. It is nice to not have to worry about the fate of so many people for a brief period.
As we ride back, on the eve of the first of Rova, she tells me that she is going to let Falco know that she no longer wants to be with him. She tells me that while I was away, she realized that she didn’t want to risk not being with me and losing out of time together and is excited to spend time together during the upcoming Festival of Silver in mid Rova. I can’t believe we have almost made it a year as a country.
The festival was a huge success with some eventful surprises. People continue to flock to our glorious kingdom with higher spirits. The tragedy of war slowly slipping away from most minds, but still lingering for those of us who lost someone dear to us. But I think Ellira would want us to be celebratory at our amazing accomplishment.
We are able to claim the area where Tatzylford will be and begin the preparations for founding the settlement. Finn seems to be enjoying his new position of high priest and so far, Gith seems competent enough as councillor.

I will keep you more up to date as we progress through the steady rise of the kingdom of Argentum.