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Kingdom building - Spring Has Sprung [Pharast to Sarenith] (Kerubiel's point of view)

Kingdom building – Spring Has Sprung [Pharast to Sarenith] (Kerubiel’s point of view)

With a successful trip to Varnhold, and some unexpected closure to an old wound for the Dogruls, the kingdom seems to thoroughly enjoy springtime.
In Pharast we continue our expansion north and build more roads to connect the different parts of our kingdom. We are almost to Oleg’s and the South Rostland Road, so when we do agree to this trade agreement with Varnhold, it will be even more lucrative than initially planned. Work also continues on finishing up the Garess-Weaver estate, and the noble family is able to move in by the end of the month. Keston and Lily are very appreciative of their fine new home.
As we move into Gozran, the idea of a Silver Springs Festival takes off with Gith and she thinks it a great idea to keep the people motivated. Since we owe them six holidays now and only have had one so far, we go forward with it. It has a music focus and a chance to enjoy the gardens around the Founder’s Monument in Silver Falls.
The festival is of course celebrated throughout the country as Silver Stag is officially settled with the Temple of the Elk in the center of the town. I sent word to Keegh that the terms of our agreement have been completed and that he should come visit the new city sometime soon and perhaps perform a blessing to his god there. I have yet to hear back from him, but as a high priest of Erastil, he must be very busy. Jhod is thrilled by this achievement.
We also officially expand our northern border to meet Brevoy’s southern one, and Oleg and Svetlana are now a part of Argentum. We expand roads to meet the South Rostland Road and there is a feeling of connection through the kingdom. More farms are raised as our population rises and we aim to keep up with the demand.
I may have spoken too quickly on Oleg’s Trading Post – Kasner informs me that Brevoy would like to discuss this site becoming part of Argentum as it was their understanding – since they are funding the guards posted there, that it was part of Brevoy. He would like to know what the council would like to do before we push forward more.
Council meets and we decide to wait to push for the trading post. Glanrim is a little impulsive and wants us to start negotiations right away and Loinarv agrees with him. Drael and Finn both think that we should ask what Oleg and Svetlana want, fair point. There are no voices that argue leaving them apart of Brevoy, so we start discussing strategies and send Kasner to talk to the Levetons.
We find out that they would be happy either way. They trust that we would take care of them based on our history of helping them when we first came to the Stolen Lands. Jensothi and I have come up with a plan that will take a few months to enact. So, for now, we wait.
Moving into Desnus, we have Phrowenia over for dinner one night and Cora asks her to walk her down the aisle at the upcoming wedding. She also asks for her to accompany her to Restov to look at dresses with the Zorn sisters. She comes back after her trip, buzzing with excitement. Also, she lets me know that her mother and dogs will be walking her down the aisle.
The treasury is also higher so connect the kingdom more by building more roads. The only place left to connect is the Sootscales…soon. The shrine in Silver Falls to Sarenrae is completed and Meridith and Finn are overjoyed. We have placed in an area where we can expand upon its foundation and eventually make it into a full cathedral to the Dawnflower. My hope is that we will have it done before the wedding, but I don’t share that with Meridith – don’t want to get her hopes too high.
Also with our abundance, Jensothi advises us that now would be a good time to sign the trade agreement with Varnhold, so we do, and in turn the economy thrives even more. Things are looking great as we move in Sarenith.
In the month of the Everlight, with the summer solstice bringing the heat of summer we complete roads into Silver Stag, with a new inn as well. The owner, a Fay Dustone, a human woman in her 50s. She is not one to wear dresses apparently, but she has saved up her money and we match it. She likes our apparent naming tradition, and the Green Lantern opens its doors. When we agreed to help, her sparkling brown eyes shone through her huge round spectacles.
With the expanding nature of the kingdom, we need more lumber, and we set up another sawmill in the woods near Silver Stag. With all these designated spaces, the fey seem to be leaving us alone and the lumberjacks can work in peace.
Although speaking of the fey, my own Sorath has started to put on size this spring and it looks like she will need a larger bed soon. I have also noticed that there seems to a hazy shimmer around her. Guess that will be something I will have to get used to when we ride together.
Finally, our tomb memorial is completed with a statue honouring our beloved Ellira above it. She has returned to the soil like she wished and perhaps that is why we flourish now. We will remember her sacrifice and all the others that fell this last summer, one year after our victory over those horrid trolls.