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Kingdom building - Fervour Fever [Lamashan to Neth] (Kerubiel's point of view)

Kingdom building – Fervour Fever [Lamashan to Neth] (Kerubiel’s point of view)

As the 2nd Festival of SIlver came to a close, we moved into Lamashan with grim tidings from Finn. A plague had broken out in Silver Falls. Apparently, someone that was visiting brought it into the city and caused the infection to spread.
As a specialist in combating disease, Finn asked some heavy things of our capital city, the first being a sort of lock down on the city with minimal in and out so that the infection did not run rampant. Cora and I lucky avoided it by spending most of our time in the castle. My only time seeing others was during council meetings.
Jhod supported Finn in stabilizing many citizens and by the end of the month they were able to clear the disease. Thank the gods that it was not more.
Meanwhile, we celebrated the 1-year birth of Tatzylford and the people of that town were thrilled. Loy and Latricia sent their thank you’s to the castle as they are loving their retirement home. We also approved a man named John Mistsplitter to have a proper forge contructed and Smelts of Heaven was built. He had a very wide-brimmed white hat on that was maybe the fanciest I have ever seen.
Also, in Silver Stag we approved the addition of a tavern room to the Green Lantern by Faye. She is apparently doing well with the many folks that are devoted to Erastil flowing into the village.
Finally, we continued to expand the country and started farming the area around the Old Sycamore Tree. Our numbers are growing, and we need more food to keep up.
With the crisis mostly averted, Lamashan gave way to Neth and damn if we didn’t have some devote construction workers who finished the upgrade of the temple into a cathedral befit the Dawnflower. Meridith says that it requires a pilgrimage to bring Sarenrae’s flame to this place.
Most of our treasury goes to this endeavour but the wedding ceremony will be perfect in these completed halls. One month and I will have a queen to rule beside me in this great new nation.
We also expand our borders further south and claim the area around the elven tower that Drael explored with his crew over the past summer. Jhod says that the tower will provide a great outpost to protect our southern border. Good news.
As we end the month and snow starts to fall on the ground, and the whole city is excited for the coming nuptials on the winter solstice. I too, am excited to make this wild woman my bride.