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Kingdom building - Autumn in Argentum [Lamashan to Neth] (Kerubiel's point of view)

Kingdom building – Autumn in Argentum [Lamashan to Neth] (Kerubiel’s point of view)

With the passing of the Festival of Silver’s success and the ramifications of war having dealt with, I was looking forward a hopefully calmer fall in the town and kingdom. Akiros had left, it’s true but we need someone to fill his shoes.
I quickly thought of the new half-orc lady, our ‘high councillor’s champion’ and since Gith had already offered her a seat on council, this seemed like a good time to give her an actual job and see if she was as capable as she seemed. She was very eager to accept and graciously accepted. Okay, one fire put out.
The kingdom continues to expand, and Cora prefers to spend time sculpting but has also begun some “courtly” training. I think her and Lily feel a connection both having not been raised in noble houses.
In the expansion, we continue to expand north toward Oleg’s and end up building up our farming land in that area, and around Silver Falls, to keep this new army we are retaining in the castle fed, as well as our growing population.
Which brings me to our next area of growth. Tatzylford has finally been realized and the Orange Lantern Inn was completed. Latricia seems to have forgiven me and is excited to soon build her house in the little clearing on a bluff that they originally saw when they scouted the area. It’s being her dream for that beautiful location to be the site of their home. All their companions also were able to go with them and will keep up their end of the bargain because we met their deadlines, which is great for our growing kingdom.
In surprising news, Janelle has become the new proprietor of the Blue Lantern. Apparently, business has been good at Leather and Leaves. I wonder if she will continue to sell plant-based clothing without Ellira…
In Neth, we planned on visiting Varnhold like planned; however, it turns out that some information on the death of Elyel had surfaced. This caused us to postpone our trip until late winter, early spring. Loinarv did a lot of sleuthing, and it came to light that Yollie was the one responsible for her death.
Now, the talk around town is mostly in her favour after the atrocities she suffered from the slavers, but they want a trial nonetheless for her actions. Which I think is fair. No way does she deserve death for what she did, but some consequence for her unlawful actions, certainly.
The council met over several days and there was quite a spread of opinions. Glanrim and Loinarv thought she did us a service. Drael and Keston wanted to see jail time up to a year for her, Jhod kind of agreed but also wanted Kasner to have some kind of consequence as well for not controlling his wife. Kasner was not too happy with Jhod after that. I initially proposed a month of house arrest. Finn thinks she should have some sessions reminding her of her faith and that Elyel had asked for redemption. Gith, well Gith wanted to have a whole system laid out for laws and reform in the kingdom, which Jensothi pointed out that we aren’t ready for that yet at our size. Aila seems to like that we have laws or are establishing laws and is happy to help uphold them.
In the end we decided that she will be under house arrest until the new year and will be required to have some remedial faith discussions with Finn and Meridith. Not what everyone wanted but a compromise. I am happy with the decision.