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Kingdom building - A Summer of Plans [Erastus to Rova] (Kerubiel's point of view)

Kingdom building – A Summer of Plans [Erastus to Rova] (Kerubiel’s point of view)

As we moved into the summer months, with what felt like the Dawnflower’s blessing upon our nation, Erastus was met with some exciting times. Drael assembled a group to go explore the lead the Old Beldame gave him about his past.
I was about to head with them, but it was two weeks before my birthday and with last year missing it due to going to war, Cora insisted that I stay home and let the others handle this. She wanted to ensure I would be home and was adamant about it. No arguing this time. I wish them luck.
They a few days they return with a new companion, a barbarian from Ustalav, who leaves shortly after. Drael has a mirror that he is interested in now.
Cora and I have a romantic day on the lake for my birthday and it is by far better than last year. But these are the accounts of a king and ruler, so I won’t write in detail here the special moments. Those are just for Cora and me to remember.
Council this month plans for a place to entertain our citizens in Silver Falls as well as offer a place of employment for our redeemed souls from the Wild Extravaganza. Out of the three that are released from prison this month, Mirwart, the gnome lion tamer, is eager for a job, and so joins the Redeeming Moonlight Theatre. He is eager to bring on more talent. Here’s hoping it goes well and we don’t regret it.
We also fund the expansion of an apiary in the area surround Oleg’s Trading Post, although the farm representatives there have said the summer heat in the area may be causing some issues. We will investigate this right away.
At the end of the month, I receive a reply from Savren from my invitation to be a part of the wedding party as my best man. I have included his words below.
Dear Young apprentice,
I shall at once away, to make myself available in your time of need. You, as do many, recognize the capacity of which I bring.
Now this won’t be the easiest travel, as I must make my way there under great subterfuge. Your connection as a potential rival to the crown, must not be known to affix to your parents. 
I do have your parents’ blessing, although they make it under all discretion, so that none around them know where their true hearts lie. Both of them doth be secretly delighted for you, and hope for your best, even if they cannot publicly declare so. I bring with me a small token of their fondness. 
And with that I’m off, to secure the series of disguises and characters of which I’ll assume as I make my way south, undetected. Prepare to feast your heart upon the glory of my banner as I arrive to lead your way into your next chapter. As once I have before, so shall I do again. 
Savren Snowthorn – loyal retainer of the Surtovas, Gromeshi champion, lion of the Klorgush, wielder of Coppertongue, holder of The Four Chimes, slayer of Hrogathi and announcer of Peralta.
His words fill me with joy and Cora is happy for me. She believes that she is going to ask Miss Aila Zorn to be her maid of honour and I cannot be more pleased for her. Aila is a fine warrior, and I am glad Cora feels like she has someone else she can be close to again. She will also have the other sisters and Lily Weaver-Garess as bridesmaids.
Moving into Arodus, we honour our fallen breathren and take time to reflect on our bodies returning to the soil as Ellira’s father told us to do in honour of our wonderful Ellira. The new monument is given its proper inauguration and people seem to have a sense of contemplative respect for the day.
We continue growing our kingdom this month by expanding our borders into Tiressia’s land and put roads through the area to connect us to future part of the kingdom but leave her grove more secluded. We will respect that we share this land together.
The devoted followers of Sarenrae also rejoice as our shrine has now grown to a full temple, with ample room to eventually become a cathedral. Finn says he has a group of very devoted followers who are eager to see the Dawnflower’s healing word sweep through our nation.
As we close summer and move into the early fall of Rova there are big things happening. Our Festival of Silver is once again a huge success, and we reveal our nations own currency as we have finished building a mint in Silver Falls. The earns us a lot of applause from the citizens.
Negotiations with Kasner, Oleg, and Brevoy are successful, and Oleg’s is officially within our borders. Kasner did a fantastic job negotiating this one; however, some citizens are a little worried of reprisals from the crown and so some unrest arises due to this outcome and is brought to our attention from Gith, but I am sure it will be fine.
Just to be sure, we finish construction on a garrison in Silver Falls so that Glanrim can really start training a professionally army instead of a militia whose focus is divided between serving and their day jobs.
Finally, the farmland around Oleg’s has proven to need irrigation that we will have to investigate in the future, but to salvage the livestock from the minor droughts of summer we quickly relocate them to the hills east of Silver Falls, adjacent to the ever-growing farms owned by Phrowenia, and the former residence of the deceased, Howl of the North Wind.
Our treasury is doing well and as we look toward the fall months, we make plans for growth in our other two towns of Tatzylford and Silver Stag.