Thom's Kingmaking

Glanrim's Resurrection

Kardel always said, “Be careful to pay your respect to the Gods, Drael. You mind your P’s and Q’s around the priests, and you honour each of ‘em in equal measure – least the good uns I suppose. Otherwise, you never know who might become jealous and find you wanting.”
So what on Golarion have we done to deserve this? Glanrim dead. And not at the hands of a monster, but by the blade of the supposedly redeemed paladin of Erastil. We made the journey to the temple of Ol’ Deadeye himself and we were turned away with our friend no less dead then when we entered. Hardly a sign that we carry the gods’ favour!
So, what to do? Off to another temple to beseech another god for another miracle I suppose. Loynarv claimed to have reliable intel that there was a high priest of Torag somewhere in Grayhaven, so up North we go. I just wish that Kerubial or Finn were along for the journey to Greyhaven, but at least Halamar and Netibyrn seem like reliable folk.
Today, as we grew closer to Greyhaven, an enormous griffin swooped out of the sky with three riders. They introduced themselves as Akan Sapphirebraids, Ornahilde Berylbrand, and Yakana Bittermaul. It seems Loynarv not only made contact but told them to look out for our arrival. On the rest of the way to the city, Braids was kind enough to give us a lesson on dwarven history and nobility. It seems that the clans can only be truly united by a dwarven high king. Kig Denorell was the last one, and he past away several hundred years ago. Incredibly, it seems that Glanrim is the son of the heir apparent, but to assert his clam to the throne he needs to find and reforge the shards of the broken crown (5 shards total, believed to be in in the River Kingdoms). Some other dwarves have been searching as well (Simon and Yarsan), who wanted to establish a new royal line. Apparently this was Thall Lodar, which was the keep Hargulka occupied before we routed them out. Odd that there was no evidence of the dwarves having been there recently.
As we reached Greyhaven, Loynarv explained that we need to be careful not to be recognized in Greyhven since we are not on good terms with the ruling house. Good thing I had a scroll for that! (scroll of Disguise Self). We made it past the gates and to the temple of Torag without issue. Inside we could hear the constant clang of hammer and anvil, and the smooth walls radiated heat.
We laid the broken body of our friend on the font and the high priest began the ritual of his resurrection.
(Flash to Glanrim speaking to his grandfather).
Meanwhile, we were confronted by guards and none other than Berinon Garess. Despite the tension, I was overjoyed to see Glanrim’s eyes snap open, and I quickly put on the best performance I’ve made since feigning illness to get out of studying with Kardel. I embrace Glanrim and declare, “Captain Frigg, thank Torag your alive…” and I spin a yarn about the tragic but heroic death of the captain of the guard who died protecting the lord’s wife and children from bandits. Thankfully Berinon buys it and we’re on our way back to Silverfalls, just in time for the Festival of Silver. It seems someone up there still likes us after all!