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Book 2-3 Interludes - The History of the Swamp – (Kerubiel's point of view)

Book 2-3 Interludes – The History of the Swamp – (Kerubiel’s point of view)

After the passing of our renewal and war memorial holiday, Drael approached us and said he wanted to bring a mirror he found in the elven tower to Old Beldame. He requested that, Glanrim, Finn, and I accompany him for what he thinks will be a large revelation.
Aila wants to come to make sure we are safe. Cora thinks this is a good idea, although she has been looking rough since she came back from that tower the first time.
As we travel there, they tell me that they think the Beldame in this mirror but a lot younger. Interesting.
When we get there, I let them talk to her, she’s her usual reclusive self. Glanrim tries to be charming in his way, but she shuts him down and welcomes us in. Her hut is still an odd curio shop of interesting gems and Finn is instantly distracted by it all. Glanrim and I help bring the mirror inside.
Due to Sorath’s growth spurt, she doesn’t fit inside anymore and so agrees to guard the front door, but also pouts and blocks it. Good thing we are allies of the Beldame, or there is one giant cat blocking our escape.
Drael starts by discussing all the evil they had to deal with in the tower before the rose the center tower and after vanquishing a particularly evil fey creature who tried to drain his blood and apparently was the one who sapped Aila’s strength with its dying breath.
Then, Drael uncovers the mirror, and the Old Beldame has a surprised look upon her face. She says it has been a long time since she looked upon the mirror. She then asks if any of us know of Glorandier the Radiant One – name does not sound at all familiar, but Glanrim seems to be searching his memory and looks about to say something when Finn goes off.
He tells us that he was an ancient gold dragon who was worshipped by a select group of elves. The dragon was known as a force of good in Golarion until an epic battle happened where he was killed by the red dragon Scora – the Bringer of Searing Death.
Afterwards the elven kingdom cast a spell that like split the dragon’s magical energy amongst their sorcerors. And these sorcerors helped to push back the orc armies. Glanrim pipes up here and adds some details on the battle and the invasion as the orcs invading is a sore spot for him and something he seems passionate about.
So, the transference of power led to the elves changing, even at times being able to change into gold dragons themselves. Or so the legends go. The Old Beldame looks blown away when Finn finishes speaking, admitting that there were some details even she didn’t know.
Glanrim then asks about the young man who was in the mirror to which she replies that a handful of sorcerers whose number one priority was the continuing of their people. An elven man named Cirdore led them to a secluded place deep in the Gnarlmarches and formed the village of Thaila Aqua. A place to repopulate his people.
In hearing that name, I wonder aloud if that was the name of the place that she had mentioned to us before …over a year ago now, when we had tea with her. Man, how time has flown by.
Glanrim then pipes up asking what happened to the village. She told us that the place was very much tied to their leader and he would regularly go and visit his tower (the one they explored at the beginning of summer). One day he did not come back. And with him gone the place just disappeared.
Drael then asked if the Old Bedame was one of these people and she was apparently a priestess of the village and a part of that was going to the tower for one day and one night with Cirdore.
And after she had her kids, she felt the need to leave the village, something that most others would never have done. She only came back years later when she stopped hearing from her daughter but what concerned her even more was that she stopped hearing from her granddaughter too.
So now she stays because if she leaves, she worries the spirits, and the people of this place will fade away. She waits for Cirdore’s return.
Drael then says that they went to the tower and asks what the mirror is? She says it’s a Enyal Mirror or a ‘Mirror of Memory’ and that if it wasn’t broken, it lets you relive a moment or a feeling that can be stored inside the mirror. Since it’s cracked it can only show images.
Glanrim then asks if she knows the last woman in the cycle of images. She doesn’t but is able to tell us that she is a nymph but unsure who in particular it is. I then say that it looks like a good question for Tiressia.
Glanrim then asks if the Old Beldame knows where to find this nymph. He starts wondering if she enthralled similar to how Melianse was keeping…what’s his dumb name…Oh right Faerm…ugh…
The Old Beldame isn’t too keen on this idea, say that Cirdore was a powerful mage – I think implying that there is no way a nymph could have power over him. Interesting.
She then said that mirror resonated with Drael – which leads Glanrim to believe that this Cirdore might be his dad… I didn’t make that jump but maybe I missed something while looking at the herbs Finn was so fascinated with.
Drael then asks if it was common for Cirdore to bring humans to his tower… a valid question since he is a half-elf after all.
Beldame tells us that he only ever brought elves from the village but she has heard from the spirits something about his medallion – which apparently belonged to priestesses of Thail Aqua. Drael then pulls out his medallion and she looks closely at it.
Not many have ever left, but one soon to be priestess left before she could perform her duties and her name was Wrael and she was inspired by the Beldame’s leaving. She was smart according to Beldame.
Drael quickly asks if she knows where she went, but she unfortunately does not, but the spirits told her that she later returned with a human in tow about 30 years ago and wanted to bring someone to raise here in the swamp. But they went on one last adventure. Drael asks if there were any other clues.
She says that Wrael made for the tower and west of it. Well, it’s a start. Drael then looks at us asking if we will help him. What a guy. He didn’t even need to ask.
Then the Old Beldame pulled Drael close to her and the mirror and whispers something to him. He nods and we turn to leave, but Glanrim asks one more question about the dwarven fort. She says there were no dwarves before she left and there were none since she came back.
Glanrim shrugs as we heft the mirror and head for home. More mysteries to solve in these Stolen Lands.