Thom's Kingmaking

And then there were three…. [Illiana Zorn's perspective]

It was always the three Zorn sisters. And then for the last while it became the four Zorn sisters, since we adopted Cora. And now we are back down to three sisters.

In fact I think Cora and Valla became even closer than Valla and Ayla over the last couple months. I guess such is the way of sisters, and as we grow and age we sometimes become both closer or further away.

But I wasn’t expecting Valla to become so engrossed in wedding planning for Cora, that she just couldn’t stop and ended up planning a wedding of her own. I know she was a bit infatuated with Traikore, but I think we all were. I have to admit that there is something a bit satisfying in Ayla swinging and missing with Traikore, and Valla coming away with the prize. So often Ayla gets more attention than Valla and me, due to her incredible strength.

Although since that accident at the mysterious tower, and the trouble with her strength, the poor woman needs a lucky break. I hope something good comes soon for dear Ayla, she deserves it for her pure heart and helping ways.

With Valla now moved to Varnhold, and Cora getting more council duties, I’m not sure I’m wild about this chapter of my life. At least I have Ayla to become closer with….

[This is a result of one of the kingdom turn event rolls. Valla moves to Varnhold and marries Traikore, the half-orc bartender. There, Valla intends to start up the Varnhold branch of the Zorn candlemaking business, while Traikore continues to tend the bar and helps with the candles on weekends. Shockingly, Valla’s wedding takes place one month after Cora and Kerubiel’s. Several prominent Argentumites attend the wedding in the Church of Erastil in Varnhold. The ceremony was presided over by Caspar Morarion of Varnling Host fame.]