Thom's Kingmaking

Akiros' note after the fall of Glanrim

The morning after the Barons return from hunting Hargulka, the barons are awakened early in the morning by Tig, who tells you that Keston need to urgently see you.

When you make your way to the castle courtyard, you see Keston waiting for you.

“You better see this. We waited for you.” Keston leads you outside around the back wall of the castle.

As you round back of the castle, the first thing you see is a shovel blade buried in the ground, standing straight up silhouetted by the rising sun behind it. You start as you notice a couple feet away a head poking up from the ground. A puffy and bruised face squints in your direction. “Finally, get me out of here” Jhod croaks. “And after that, you better hunt that crazed bastard Akiros down.”

He has been buried up to his neck in the earth, and there is a package tied around his neck with brown twine. When you open the package, you find the following note:

_The Barons of Argentum,

I’ve been such a fool, but I finally understand now. And to think that Erastil has already held my life hostage for so many years. No more. I don’t know what they taught you about Erastil, but in my village they never taught me that he was the greatest trickster of all the gods.

I will warn you to abolish all worship of Erastil, in Argentum, or else his devious ways will lead to ruin for the place you hold dear the same way it’s led to ruin for me. Make and enemy of Erastil, and return to a life of holiness and good. But I won’t hold it against you if you don’t believe a word that I’m saying; no one knows better than I the sound of the sweet lies of Erastil. May you free yourself from his web of lies, for the good of your kingdom.

I leave your kingdom now, I need to find my way again free from the evil influence of Erastil. If you successfully do what I say and outlaw the worship of Erastil, send me a message and I will return as a faithful servant of the Kingdom. Until that time, I will seek to regain what I have lost due to the pernicious meddling of Erastil.

I believe my parents were right when they believed I could be something more than an average village boy. But they were utterly mistaken that my path to self-realization lay in Erastil. Yet two more innocent folks that the trickster God Erastil has manipulated for his own wrongful gain. With the deceit cleared from my eyes, I can now see that the Stag Lord was more right than wrong. He was still an evil twisted man, but he understood some important lessons about governance and being a leader. I understand that some of the kellid tribes to the west practice more natural leadership free from Erastil’s ugly grip, and I will learn what I can from them.

I will leave this man alive only because I know of your attachment to him. I believe that you attempted to support me sincerely, even if your judgment was at the time clouded by Erastil’s trickery. But Jhod is a snake, and you would be best to end him right from where I leave him.

To Baron Glanrim,
I don’t know what you did to make such a strong enemy of Erastil, but any enemy of Erastil will forever be an ally of mine. I’ve seen divine intervention many times, but never have I seen anybody smote by a god the way Erastil smote you. I’ve enclosed all of the gold that I own with this message, to be used for the attempted resurrection of Glanrim. [1082 gp] I owe you more than this, and I will fulfill my debt once I have the means.

Akiros Ismort



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