Stag Lord's Men

Some of the characters that were working for the Stag Lord.


Ayles Megesen: Ayles is a soft-spoken man
whose calm demeanor should not be taken
for passivity—Ayles enjoys the act of torture
the most among the bandits, and often
spends hours after a fight “exploring”
surviving victims.

Cragger Kench: A former cutpurse,
Cragger was beaten senseless by the Stag Lord
for drinking a bottle of his liquor, and his
injuries have left him a little dim-witted—
although not so dim-witted as Auchs.

Dirty Jeb Megesen: Ayles’s younger
brother, Dirty Jeb likes to think he
got his nickname for his penchant
for fighting dirty, when in fact the
moniker stems from his aversion to

Falgrim Sneeg: Falgrim Sneeg is an
older Varisian with graying hair and an unruly beard. A
former mercenary, he possesses an unnerving calm in the
face of violence.

Fat Norry: Behind only Auchs in size, Fat Norry
somehow never seems to lose weight despite the hard lives
the bandits live. This rotund bandit is rarely seen without
some sort of food clutched in a greasy hand.

Jex the Snitch: The least popular with the men but
perhaps the Stag Lord’s favorite minion is this aptlynicknamed
man. His penchant for reporting the other
bandits’ mistakes to the Stag Lord is likely to earn him a
shallow grave before much longer.

Topper Red: Topper Red was a struggling street poet
from the city of Pitax. He fled that city when an affair turned
sour, and eventually joined the Stag Lord’s ranks while
romanticizing the thrilling life of a lawless brigand.


Stag Lord's Men

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