The former leader of the Thorn River Camp bandits, Kressle is a career bandit who grew up in the River Kingdoms. Never spending more than a week in one spot, banditry is in her blood—as a young child she was already helping her parents rob travelers and roughen up pilgrims for some quick cash. When her parents were killed after an ambush on a road, Kressle fled north and into the Greenbelt. She managed to make her way through the dangerous region with a bit of luck, only to be caught by a group of the Staglord’s men. When three of them lost hands and fingers to her axes, their thoughts turned from rape to escape.

When the would-be rapers returned to the Staglord’s fort, the Staglord was incredulous, demanding that she be hunted down and captured. Leading the hunt himself, the Staglord sallied from his fort, and soon found Kressle. Impressed not only with her skill and bravery, but that the rapers were bested three-to-one by this woman, the Staglord offered to let her finish the job she had begun days ago and exact vengeance. Offering her a job over the still warm corpses of her attackers, the Staglord escorted her to the Thorn River Camp to begin operations against Oleg’s Trading Post.



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