Thom's Kingmaking

To the Old Sycamore

- While Resting at Oleg’s we were attacked by bandits
- We defended from the ramparts while bandits kept their distance and fired projectiles
- Eventually the bandits forced their way in through the main entrance and were greeted with a cone of fire to the face!
- One of the bandits repaid Drael in kind, exclaiming that the demon fire burned in his veins as well
- The party was aided in their defence by Jhod (who healed a badly burnt Drael and one of Keston’s men)
- Kerubiel slayed the demon sorceress Cyrin on the end of his lance!
-The party acquired a new quest to deal with the Kobolds – through diplomacy or sword, didn’t matter which.

- The party set out, (accompanied by Jhod) first stopping at Bokken’s hut, and then explored the regions towards the Old Sycamore
- On the way, they found a secret stash buried by a lightning struck tree, including an old spell book
- The party also observed the corpses of many kobolds and mites, which appear to be at war with one another. They even had a brief encounter where they assisted the kobold side in mite smiting! The surviving kobolds however fled before we could engage in diplomatic discussion.

- Upon reaching the Old Sycamore, Ellira and Drael, with their sharp elven senses, spotted a secret door leading down into the mite’s den
- The party has just cleared the first room of the den, which contained two rather surprised (and subsequently deceased) mites. They were playing with a bizarre contraption that launched caltrops into one another’s mouths??? Crazy Mites!

Mite lair



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