Thom's Kingmaking

Thorn River Camp... and Moon Radishes

  • Following the defeat of the initial bandit raid the party struck out for Thorn River Camp: Oleg was left with specific instructions to keep Bragg alive until the party returned in four days time.
  • By nightfall of the first day the party had reached the edge of the woods and camped for the night.
  • Camp was located the following day. Despite Glanrim erring on the side of caution Ellira entered the camp alone to scout ahead. Thorn river camp
  • Unfortunately she was spotted by a guard but using her womanly wiles (to the delight of every male present) managed to seduce the guard. Once she got close Tamus horribly maimed the guard (to the horror of every male present) and his screams alerted the rest of the camp.
  • At this point Drael seemed to be lost in thought and hearing the screams suddenly sprouted claws and rushing to Ellira’s side dispatched the guard in a gruesome manner.
  • Glanrim and Kerubiel crossed the river in order to catch the remaining bandits in a pincer attack. Ellira dispatched a second guard with her bow while Glanrim slew another bandit by severing his arm.
  • Kerubiel had meanwhile challenged Kressle to a duel and though he and his faithful mount Sorath were injured during the encounter, their attack caused the bandit to flee into the river in a desperate attempt to escape.
  • The final bandit surrendered without further fighting allowing Glanrim, Drael and Kerubiel to pursue Kressle. Seeing her escape cut off, and gravely wounded, Kressle committed suicide but not before uttering a cryptic warning that “He will make you pay”
  • While Glanrim fished her body out of the river Kerubiel hunted down the other bandit who had attempted to flee, he was brought back to the camp without further fighting
  • Drael had meanwhile clamed down, his claws retracting, but offered no explanation for what had happened
  • Despite her lethal effectiveness in the battle, Ellira seemed shaken by the ordeal and spent a significant amount of time alone with Tamus in order to recover.
  • After looting the camp and aquiring a significant amount of treasure, including recovering Oleg’s stolen goods, the party questioned their prisoner
  • His name turned out to be Graves and he told the party about their leader, a savage druken brute of a man known as the Stag Lord
  • Graves expressed his fear and dislike of the man and also revealed the location of the bandits’ main camp, a fortress on the Northeastern shore of the Tuskwater.
  • While outwardly the Stag Lord appears to be calling the shots, Graves mentioned that the bandit lord kept a mysterious old man in his custody and expressed his belief that the Stag Lord was merely a puppet leader and that the old man was the true master.
  • When questioned about the wareabouts of Svetlana’s wedding ring Graves revealed that a band of Mites had stolen a portion of the loot and had made off to their hideout in the old sycamore tree.
  • The party initially contemplated travelling to the tree but decided it was best to do so another time when they were burdened with less equipment and loot
  • Their caution turned out to be wise as later that night the party was attacked by a roving band of Mites. None were slain, though Kerubiel was injured, and after a brief fight they fled into the night.
  • Despite posting guards, the Mites had made off with several daggers and a longsword. Having suffered such misfortune at the hands of a small group of Mites the party shuddered at the thought of what might have happened had they decided to attack the sycamore tree and the 30 or so Mites that inhabited it.
  • Remembering Svetlana’s request to bring back some Moon Radishes, the party made a slight detour on the way back to the trading post.
  • They encountered four Kobolds who were sleeping after having gorged themselves on the radishes all morning.
  • To everyone’s surprise it was discovered that Drael was able to communicate with the creatures in their own tongue but negotiations quickly soured when Kerubiel, displaying his usual flair for the dramatic, charged forward and killed one of the creatures.
  • The Kobolds reacted with anger and Kerubiel was severly wounded by a spear before Drael was able to end the confrontation through the use of a magically induced hypnosis.
  • The Kobolds left without further fighting and after gathering a large bushel of radishes the party headed back for the camp.
  • Reaching the trading post they were greeted by a disturbing sight. The bodies of the bandits who had attacked earlier were found hanging from the wall with ropes around their necks. Even more disturbing was the discovery of Bragg hanging from the wall still alive. A visibly angered Drael cut the bandit down and Ellira stabalized his condition.
  • To further add to the mystery the gates were closed and strange voices could be heard coming from inside.
  • Glanrim and Kerubiel scaled the walls to investigate and saw that five soldiers had taken up residence in the fort.
  • Kerubiel recognized the men as soldiers of Brevoy and realizing there was no danger the party entered the fort.
  • Oleg was thrilled at their return (not to mention the return of his stolen goods) and introduced the party to Commander Garess. Interestingly enough Kerubiel seemed to recongnize him but neither man was forthcoming with their past relationship.
  • Garess agreed to take Graves and Bragg into custody and promised to transport them back to the city for a proper trial. Drael and Glanrim urged mercy but could do little else.
  • Garess promised what aid he could for any futer raid on the Stag Lord’s fortress and offered them a bounty for the capture of a mercenary who had betrayed him some time before.
  • After relating their adventure to the soldiers and Oleg the party settled in for the night



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