Thom's Kingmaking

Session one- Making a home

  • Accepted a Charter from Brevoy, signed in the city of Restov. There were Other Chartered Explorers as well.
  • Left Restov on Monday the 26th of Abadius, 4707 AR.
  • Came across some sickly wolves along the road, and defeated them in combat (with ease!)
  • Met Breeg Orlivanch an defeated him in a social encounter, primarily thanks to Kerubiel, who managed to throw him off with a well placed insult
  • Made it to Oleg’s Trading Post (on Saturday, the 30th of Abadius) and met Oleg Leveton and Svetlana Leveton (male PC’s salivate)
  • Heard about the bandit problem that the Leveton’s were dealing with. Oleg described the leader of this particular bandit outfit as a female wielding two axes, one of which she used to sever a finger from Oleg’s hand in response to his lack of cooperation. Also heard some rumours about “the Stag Lord” (who is potentially at the root of the bandit problem in the region?)
  • Planned a strategy for dealing with the bandits.
  • Defeated Happs Bydon (ie pinned him to a wall) and the bandits that he was leading.
  • Captured alive a bandit named [[Bragg]]. Questioned him for information and found out where the bandit camp is. The party has yet to decide Bragg’s fate.
  • Oleg informed us of a nearby potion maker named Bokken
  • The party determined that the first course of action was now to track down and eliminate the remaining bandits (of which there are 8 I believe) before their comrades are missed.
    Trading post



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