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Mites, Kobolds & Stag Lords Oh My!

  • The party continued to explore the Old Sycamore Tree, with the next room revealing mites torturing kobolds, 3 already dead and 1 left alive. The party rescued Mikmek and Kerubiel armed him with his extra spear. Some mites fled across a chasm that the party thought was too sketchy to cross.
    *Continuing along they found poo piles with a centipede hatchery – and a Lady Mite who was a centipede breeder. Drael burninated her and some poo but then Mikmek got a terrible fumble causing him to swing into Sorath. This greatly upset Kerubiel who used the handle of his flail to knock Mik Mek out. Healing was then bestowed to all parties by Jhod Kavken and then the two agreed to stay apart from each other.
  • Trudging along the party fought more mites – musical mites, rock throwing mites, mites reading in bed! Then found Grabbles & Tickleback the lead mite and his council.
    They fought valiantly and even though there were some close calls for Drael at the hands of Tickleback, the party succeeded! They frisked the loot, found something written in undercommon, and some money, but NO WEDDING RING! The party insisted it must be hidden in the chasm. Oh but there was Old Sharptooth -something that apparently helps the Sootscale Kobold Tribe from turning yellow and dying…apparently…So Mikmek grabbed it elated.
  • However, hiding in said chasm was not a ring but a HUGE centipede that reeked havoc on the Party. It tail slapped and bite Kerubiel causing him to fall while he was trying to hold the line. The rest of the party then tried to come back to save him, but then the centipede got Drael with a nasty tail lash. Ellira hauled him onto her back and they party ran. Sorath grabbed Kerubiel in her maw and scrambled across the chasm – perhaps not as gracefully but nonetheless making it. The party successively fled Old Sycamore Tree leaving the centipede to its self.
  • Much to the parties surprise outside was Glanrim having decided his loyalties lie with the party now. The party rests for the night and they catch each other up. The next morning Jhod Kavken heals up the party and then translates the note that basically says the Kobolds have the Rings! He then thanks the party for some of this wealth and guarantees them life long healing if they make a kindly donation to his cause of rebuilding the temple. The party then goes with Mikmek to his home.

*Upon Reaching the Sootscale cavern the group notices a sign that this cave used to be a silvermine. The party learns that the Kobolds have only had old Sharptooth for the past 3 months and it has been the one telling them to mess with stuff. They also learn that 6 months ago the tribe acquired a new shaman named Tartuk. The group is welcomed by Nakpik because they are with Mikmek. The party makes the call to go see the chief first before the shaman. Chief Sootscale smashes the idol and then charges to kill Tartuk. The party does so and vanquishes the vile Shaman! Then they find the RINGS of Oleg Leveton and Svetlana LevetonYEA!!!
The party makes a deal of an alliance with Chief Sootscale and a promise of peace if they colonize the Greenbelt. Sootscale cavern publish

The party is off to the Stag Lord’s Fort! As they walk they discuss their plans and strategies. They decide that they will pretend to be seasoned bandits newly affiliated with the Stag Lord and are returning after a long assignment to bring the Stag Lord strong booze and money, and to regroup at the fort. Because there is no plan to sneak in the party walks straight up the path to the fort (little did they know this choice to stay on the path saved them their lives…zombies anyone?).

Once at the front entrance the party meets a guard who asks for the password. Thankfully the password had not been changed in a while and the party was able to enter by giving the password they had received from a previously defeated bandit. The party enters and is greeted by some important looking bandits, and the questioned party explains what they’ve brought. A bandit goes to get the Stag Lord and soon the Stag Lord appears, a drunken sloppy mess. He claims the booze and saunters back into what the party rightly assumes is his room.

Once the Stag Lord disappears the party surveys the fort to see an array of banditsdoing “bandit in a fort” type of things. The party comfortably mills about chatting with and meeting all the other bandits and trying to not look suspicious while scouting the place out. Glanrim approaches a group playing cards at a table and drinking beer. He smoothly grabs a pint for himself and dawns the disguise of “drunk bandit” which cleverly allows him to search around unnoticed.

Meanwhile Ellira, hoping to unlock any information, allows herself to be hit on by Topper Red who with fine poetry leads her into an armory room. Ellira quickly finds out things are too hot for her to handle so she abruptly brushes him off, leaves the room and rejoins the group at the table. Topper Red sullenly removes himself from the public eye, stripped of his masculinity, and perplexed by Ellira’sseemingly sudden change in affection.

As the night carries on the party unravels the layout of the fort. Glanrimshares what he has discovered upstairs including the big childlike bandit “”/campaigns/thomskingmaking/characters/auchs" class=“wiki-content-link”>Auchs“. They also discover a locked room on the main floor containing an almighty owlbear, Beaky. The party decides that it is time for action. ”/campaigns/thomskingmaking/characters/drael" class=“wiki-content-link”>Draelbrilliantly devises a plan to unleash Beaky by casting a spell of an unseen servent to unlock the beast. Kerubiel and Ellirajoin together upstairs to take down a watch guard and Glanrimtakes position to remove the adjacent guard. Once everyone is in position beaky is released and the fight begins.

Glanrimknocks his target over the side of the fort onto the zombie ridden path outside and Elliraand Kerubiel unsure of each others intentions eventually take down their confused opponent. Downstairs the bandits are faced with their captive Beaky. The Stag Lord and Dovanimmediately begin their attempt to permanently silence the owlbear. The fight continues and the party heroically takes over. The weakened Stag Lord meets his death and Akirosthe bandit repents in an epiphany for the need to change his alignment.

After the fight the party enters the Stag Lord’s private sanctuary and they find many great things including a large wall tapestry.


+ 2040 xp (each) for the fort and falgrim sneeg = lvl 3

Your total should be 5712 xp.

Mites, Kobolds & Stag Lords Oh My!

Oh and money from the Bandit camp – including stolen trade goods, jewelry and cold hard coin (not including magic items) is… 5 Platinum each, 2775 gp each, 523 silver each, and 5 copper. HAPPY SHOPPING
OH and we returned Sneeg in one piece so we each get 1 masterwork weapon from Keston.

Mites, Kobolds & Stag Lords Oh My!

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