Thom's Kingmaking

In the land of Argentum

So the party returns to Oleg’s and upon their arrival the meet Jensothi with yet another charter – this time with the right to RULE!. He goes over the basics with the party and the group decides which roles they are going to fill. The ruler: Kerubiel, the Councillor: Ellira, the general:Glanrim and the Magistrate(?): Drael.
They then ask their friends to fill different roles. Also some cool masterwork weapons show up that are super duper cool and nothing like the party has ever seen. Kesten Garess agrees to be the Marshall, [[:jhod-kavken |]] the high priest, Akiros Ismort the warden, Perlivash & Tyg-Titter-Tut temporary spymasters, and Mikmek as the royal assassin.
The party also hires a gnome named :(???) to be the grand diplomat and they travel to restov to remove a curse from some undead water spirit that needed the stag lords body AND track down a treasurer – where they meet (D something).
Running a country is not without its complications though as they discover when some children turn pickpocket of the local farming community – they end up sentenced to community service working the land.
3 months have passed and they have a castle, a baker and an apiary(sp?)…



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