Thom's Kingmaking

Exploring Large Area

  • The party left Oleg Leveton‘s to travel east to Bokken’s. Upon entering Bokken’s area Sorath became agitated and would not enter the center of the territory. Kerubiel reluctantly let Sorath stay on the perimeter and joined Ellira on her horse.
  • Outside of Bokken’s hut was a large male Mire Cat and it quickly became apparent why Sorath did not enter the area. The cat slinked away and the group met crazy high pitched Bokken.
  • Once inside Bokken’s Hut the group inquired about some potions. Bokken asked them to bring back some Fangberries and then he would give back the money he swindled from Kerubiel and make them any other potions they wanted.
  • The group finished exploring this and Oleg’s Trading Post areas and then made their way south to find the Fang berries. The night before leaving Oleg Leveton’s they met Jhod Kavken who told them about an angry bear and a temple and all about how great Erastil is. The cleric also let Kerubiel know that his STAG LORD amulet was not magical.
  • Once in the forest the group kept getting harassed at night by invisible forces and the fire at one point split and walked away into nothing.
  • The group discovered the Temple of the Elk while exploring the woods and Ellira tried talking to it and it would have none it, just to tell her that it has two names and is angry – the name is something like Great Bear. The party fled and decided that when they got back to Oleg’s Trading Post they would tell Jhod Kavken what they had found.
  • Back at the Thorn River Camp the group found ghosts who disappeared rather quickly of some of the bandits they had previously slain. They grabbed an ear so they could finish their bounty on bandits and continued on. That night Glanrim left out some Dwarf Booze and Kerubiel left out some silver pieces so that they could get a restful sleep because the invisible force that Kerubiel was able to hear talking was determined to be the fey!
  • Moving south through the woods the group discovered the bone littered den of TUSKGUTTER! The group fought valiantly and wait no Ellira charmed the mighty beast and the group befriended the big pig! HUZAHH!… But suddenly a MIGHTY TROLL attacked and the party fought like experienced veterans and with the help of Tuskgutter and two faeries – who now revealed themselves they finished the troll with a mighty slash to the throat by Glanrim and a finishing Acid Splash by Drael. Glanrim took the skull as a trophy! The party then left Tuskgutter in his home and marched further south!
  • At last the Fang berry patch – a nasty thorny bush that took Ellira‘s mighty foraging skill and Drael’s mage hand to harvest them. While harvesting the group was attacked by two sets of spider swarms – defeating one and causing one to lose interest and retreat back into the bramble.
  • Moving back north along the hills the adventurers had to cross the river and they discovered a rickety bridge. Because they wanted to make it safe and easy for possible future crossing Drael and Ellira mended the bridge back to its former glory – 36 hours later.
  • The next hex they encounter some wierd gem outcropping to which Glanrim felt the need to take a piece of the sparkly material by beating it out of the rock with his axe.
    The final hex that the party explored they encountered a weird field with a massive spider that could bite them and run away into its burrow in 6 seconds or less! So the group fled! (Their horses were already spooked anyways).
  • Upon returning to Oleg’s Trading Post the group awaited Jhod Kavken‘s return so they could tell him of the GREAT BEAR! Also Glanrim had placed an order which he wanted to get. Jhod Kavken asked the group to lead him to the Temple of the Elk and they did – after a quick trip to Bokken’s Hut.
  • Crazy old Bokken was happy to get the FangBerries and returned the money he swindled from Kerubiel. The group bought some potions and then headed on to take Jhod Kavken to the Temple of the Elk.
  • Upon their first night in the woods the group discovered the home of their two new fairy friends so they partied and had a good evening with them!
    The next day the group found the cave and the URSA MAJOR! Ellira and Jhod Kavken both tried communicating with the bear but it would not have it so a battle erupted. The Bear was eventually vanquished and turned out to be an old dude and the place became a lot less dingy once he had passed away( the water was no longer algae ridden and the sun shone like when you beat a dungeon in Zelda). Glanrim then found a dwarven thing in the cave and said he had to go back to Restov.
    The party rests at Oleg’s Trading Post.

Temple of the elk



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