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After the Stag Lord

We still need to finish the end of the last Adventure Log post!

So this is the basic Timeline of what is going to happen next. As I mentioned before, this timeline is porous, so if you wanted to do something in between or during events just let me know and you can do it. Also, we are going to play through this portion at the beginning of next session.

Also I have specified the world’s rules a little more tightly. Anybody living in that world would know that magic weapons cannot be bought (except in the very most expensive auction houses), and are not forged by any known means. Magical weapons do exist in the world, but they are rare to the point that average people would never see one, and your characters also have probably never seen them. Also, all magical weapons are Named weapons, and they all have a myth or backstory attached to them. Magical armour and other magical items are still available the way presented in the Core Rulebook.
Loot after the Stag Lord’s Fort
  1. • Walk out of the cellar to see that the weather had entirely cleared up.
  2. • It is at this point that Ellira is able to see some of the rare hill plants that she originally dreamed of. They are generally small bushes that are scattered around the haunted hillside.
  3. Akiros surveys the scene (looking over the bloody battlefield and pigsty of a camp that is the stag lords fort) and sighs and exclaims that “this was a bad place where many bad things happened.” you get the sense that this is a personal reflection as much as an external reflection of the actual place. After glaring at the still unconscious Dovan, he says that "it is time to make amends. " (note: Akiros will not ask the party for anything, and if the party wants to retain his services they will need to make him some kind of offer. (they get the sense that they would gain a rare talent, but at the cost of an emotionally unstable man)
  4. • As the party is taking full measure of the various items around the Fort, Kesten and Dilph and Katsin will wander in bearing a bound and wounded Topper Red. Kesten says “this fancy one tried to get away, it looks like things here went quite well. And who might this be he asks looking pointedly at ”/campaigns/thomskingmaking/characters/akiros-ismort" class=“wiki-content-link”>Akiros and Dovan?“. After introductions are made, ”/campaigns/thomskingmaking/characters/kesten-garess" class=“wiki-content-link”>Kestencatches sight of the unconscious and bound Falgrim Sneeg. “Great Erastil, I cannot wait till this one comes around and I can have a little sit down time with him!” exclaims Kesten. With this pronouncement, his eyes bulge a little and his face tightens into a grim smile. “I trust that you will turn this man over to my custody, and as soon as you do I will send the request for those masterwork weapons.”
  5. • After some quick discussion it is decided that the best course of action is to spend the night and start the journey early the next morning.
  6. Kestenand his boysand Akiros all help the party load up their horses with any gear that they want to take with them (there is enough space to bring everything with you. )
  7. • You then journey back to Oleg’s with captives and loot in tow.
  8. • During this journey is when Akirostells the party the background of the bandits he knows about: Dovan from Nisroch , Auchs, Stag Lord’s Men, Stag Lord
  9. • When Falgrim Sneeg awakens, Kestenleans over spits on him and tells him “Justice for you has just begun you two-facedloggerheaded fly-bitten apple-john. The disgrace that I have felt, and the life that I have lost, will be your only breath from now on.” Sneegsnarls back “you can’t imprison me for only revealing your pathetic little truth, you amoral pig!” In reply, Kesten chuckles grimly and says, “you don’t know who I still know and what strings I will pull to make sure that the only light you will ever see again is the illumination of the insight that betrayal of a former best man is the worst crime one could commit.” Through further conversation, you find out:
    Kesten is a member of one of Brevoy’s noble houses in name only. It is enough to recall the scandal when an affair between Kestenand a lowborn woman named Lily, a weaver’s daughter, became public knowledge. His father Evan, a cousin of the Garess family patriarch, disowned Kesten, who fled to Restov to serve as a mercenary. He volunteered to lead the small group of soldiers to help guard Oleg’s Trading Post after his own depression and shame grew too much to handle. Kestenhopes to either make a name for himself as the defender of a remote fort, or to find an honorable death among the bandits and other dangers in the region.
  10. • Get to Oleg’s, unpack everything, and let Keston’s boys take the prisoners back to Restov. Kestonalso takes everybody’s order for their masterwork items.
  11. • The next day, The party takes their unknown magical items and journey’s to Jhod’s temple. Jhodidentifies them and praises Erastil that the Stag Lord has been dealt with. The only items that Jhod does not immediately identify are the magical weapons. (Composite Bow (+2 Strength) [from Stag Lord], and Dovan’s Rapier) To discover what they do, the PC’s need to track down the weapon’s story.
  12. • The party heads back to Oleg’s and spends a week and half of resting and studying (or receiving) their items that they have newly received.
  13. • At the end of the week and a half, Kesten’s boys return with a stranger in tow.
  14. • Meet Jensothi, and Jensothi explains Kingdom Building.
    Nobly dressed, this man’s haughty tones can make him a pain to listen to. He does appear to have experience in his field however. (A city planner, sent to give the PC’s advice in building a city.
  15. • Jensothi brings with him another Charter:Restov charter 2
    • What is strange about this, is that there is no ceremony or celebration when the charter is given. With this scale of government money being invested into something, there is always a celebration or festival of some kind….
  16. •Turn 1 (one month long) of Kingdom Building
  17. • At the end of turn one, a carriage bearing one of the masterwork weapons (roll for whose it is) arrive. Each month another weapon arrives . They are a little different than one would expect. They are of beautiful craftsmanship, and shine with a brighter silvery finish than most weapons look. At some point on each weapon is an artistic engraving of a lily, with the words “for KG, my heart”. On the other side there is also another engraving, bearing the name of the weapon
    · The PC’s know that aside from (relics)legendary magical weapons, these are the best quality of weapon. These are also named weapons: “Lily’s Thorn – It pierces with beauty”, “Lily’s Stem – It bends with organic efficiency”, “Lily’s Leaf – It’s edge is too thin to be seen”, and “Lily’s Root – It grounds with certainty”.
    Pzo9032 building scaled



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