Thom's Kingmaking

In the land of Argentum

So the party returns to Oleg’s and upon their arrival the meet Jensothi with yet another charter – this time with the right to RULE!. He goes over the basics with the party and the group decides which roles they are going to fill. The ruler: Kerubiel, the Councillor: Ellira, the general:Glanrim and the Magistrate(?): Drael.
They then ask their friends to fill different roles. Also some cool masterwork weapons show up that are super duper cool and nothing like the party has ever seen. Kesten Garess agrees to be the Marshall, [[:jhod-kavken |]] the high priest, Akiros Ismort the warden, Perlivash & Tyg-Titter-Tut temporary spymasters, and Mikmek as the royal assassin.
The party also hires a gnome named :(???) to be the grand diplomat and they travel to restov to remove a curse from some undead water spirit that needed the stag lords body AND track down a treasurer – where they meet (D something).
Running a country is not without its complications though as they discover when some children turn pickpocket of the local farming community – they end up sentenced to community service working the land.
3 months have passed and they have a castle, a baker and an apiary(sp?)…

After the Stag Lord

We still need to finish the end of the last Adventure Log post!

So this is the basic Timeline of what is going to happen next. As I mentioned before, this timeline is porous, so if you wanted to do something in between or during events just let me know and you can do it. Also, we are going to play through this portion at the beginning of next session.

Also I have specified the world’s rules a little more tightly. Anybody living in that world would know that magic weapons cannot be bought (except in the very most expensive auction houses), and are not forged by any known means. Magical weapons do exist in the world, but they are rare to the point that average people would never see one, and your characters also have probably never seen them. Also, all magical weapons are Named weapons, and they all have a myth or backstory attached to them. Magical armour and other magical items are still available the way presented in the Core Rulebook.
Loot after the Stag Lord’s Fort
  1. • Walk out of the cellar to see that the weather had entirely cleared up.
  2. • It is at this point that Ellira is able to see some of the rare hill plants that she originally dreamed of. They are generally small bushes that are scattered around the haunted hillside.
  3. Akiros surveys the scene (looking over the bloody battlefield and pigsty of a camp that is the stag lords fort) and sighs and exclaims that “this was a bad place where many bad things happened.” you get the sense that this is a personal reflection as much as an external reflection of the actual place. After glaring at the still unconscious Dovan, he says that "it is time to make amends. " (note: Akiros will not ask the party for anything, and if the party wants to retain his services they will need to make him some kind of offer. (they get the sense that they would gain a rare talent, but at the cost of an emotionally unstable man)
  4. • As the party is taking full measure of the various items around the Fort, Kesten and Dilph and Katsin will wander in bearing a bound and wounded Topper Red. Kesten says “this fancy one tried to get away, it looks like things here went quite well. And who might this be he asks looking pointedly at ”/campaigns/thomskingmaking/characters/akiros-ismort" class=“wiki-content-link”>Akiros and Dovan?“. After introductions are made, ”/campaigns/thomskingmaking/characters/kesten-garess" class=“wiki-content-link”>Kestencatches sight of the unconscious and bound Falgrim Sneeg. “Great Erastil, I cannot wait till this one comes around and I can have a little sit down time with him!” exclaims Kesten. With this pronouncement, his eyes bulge a little and his face tightens into a grim smile. “I trust that you will turn this man over to my custody, and as soon as you do I will send the request for those masterwork weapons.”
  5. • After some quick discussion it is decided that the best course of action is to spend the night and start the journey early the next morning.
  6. Kestenand his boysand Akiros all help the party load up their horses with any gear that they want to take with them (there is enough space to bring everything with you. )
  7. • You then journey back to Oleg’s with captives and loot in tow.
  8. • During this journey is when Akirostells the party the background of the bandits he knows about: Dovan from Nisroch , Auchs, Stag Lord’s Men, Stag Lord
  9. • When Falgrim Sneeg awakens, Kestenleans over spits on him and tells him “Justice for you has just begun you two-facedloggerheaded fly-bitten apple-john. The disgrace that I have felt, and the life that I have lost, will be your only breath from now on.” Sneegsnarls back “you can’t imprison me for only revealing your pathetic little truth, you amoral pig!” In reply, Kesten chuckles grimly and says, “you don’t know who I still know and what strings I will pull to make sure that the only light you will ever see again is the illumination of the insight that betrayal of a former best man is the worst crime one could commit.” Through further conversation, you find out:
    Kesten is a member of one of Brevoy’s noble houses in name only. It is enough to recall the scandal when an affair between Kestenand a lowborn woman named Lily, a weaver’s daughter, became public knowledge. His father Evan, a cousin of the Garess family patriarch, disowned Kesten, who fled to Restov to serve as a mercenary. He volunteered to lead the small group of soldiers to help guard Oleg’s Trading Post after his own depression and shame grew too much to handle. Kestenhopes to either make a name for himself as the defender of a remote fort, or to find an honorable death among the bandits and other dangers in the region.
  10. • Get to Oleg’s, unpack everything, and let Keston’s boys take the prisoners back to Restov. Kestonalso takes everybody’s order for their masterwork items.
  11. • The next day, The party takes their unknown magical items and journey’s to Jhod’s temple. Jhodidentifies them and praises Erastil that the Stag Lord has been dealt with. The only items that Jhod does not immediately identify are the magical weapons. (Composite Bow (+2 Strength) [from Stag Lord], and Dovan’s Rapier) To discover what they do, the PC’s need to track down the weapon’s story.
  12. • The party heads back to Oleg’s and spends a week and half of resting and studying (or receiving) their items that they have newly received.
  13. • At the end of the week and a half, Kesten’s boys return with a stranger in tow.
  14. • Meet Jensothi, and Jensothi explains Kingdom Building.
    Nobly dressed, this man’s haughty tones can make him a pain to listen to. He does appear to have experience in his field however. (A city planner, sent to give the PC’s advice in building a city.
  15. • Jensothi brings with him another Charter:Restov charter 2
    • What is strange about this, is that there is no ceremony or celebration when the charter is given. With this scale of government money being invested into something, there is always a celebration or festival of some kind….
  16. •Turn 1 (one month long) of Kingdom Building
  17. • At the end of turn one, a carriage bearing one of the masterwork weapons (roll for whose it is) arrive. Each month another weapon arrives . They are a little different than one would expect. They are of beautiful craftsmanship, and shine with a brighter silvery finish than most weapons look. At some point on each weapon is an artistic engraving of a lily, with the words “for KG, my heart”. On the other side there is also another engraving, bearing the name of the weapon
    · The PC’s know that aside from (relics)legendary magical weapons, these are the best quality of weapon. These are also named weapons: “Lily’s Thorn – It pierces with beauty”, “Lily’s Stem – It bends with organic efficiency”, “Lily’s Leaf – It’s edge is too thin to be seen”, and “Lily’s Root – It grounds with certainty”.
    Pzo9032 building scaled
Mites, Kobolds & Stag Lords Oh My!
  • The party continued to explore the Old Sycamore Tree, with the next room revealing mites torturing kobolds, 3 already dead and 1 left alive. The party rescued Mikmek and Kerubiel armed him with his extra spear. Some mites fled across a chasm that the party thought was too sketchy to cross.
    *Continuing along they found poo piles with a centipede hatchery – and a Lady Mite who was a centipede breeder. Drael burninated her and some poo but then Mikmek got a terrible fumble causing him to swing into Sorath. This greatly upset Kerubiel who used the handle of his flail to knock Mik Mek out. Healing was then bestowed to all parties by Jhod Kavken and then the two agreed to stay apart from each other.
  • Trudging along the party fought more mites – musical mites, rock throwing mites, mites reading in bed! Then found Grabbles & Tickleback the lead mite and his council.
    They fought valiantly and even though there were some close calls for Drael at the hands of Tickleback, the party succeeded! They frisked the loot, found something written in undercommon, and some money, but NO WEDDING RING! The party insisted it must be hidden in the chasm. Oh but there was Old Sharptooth -something that apparently helps the Sootscale Kobold Tribe from turning yellow and dying…apparently…So Mikmek grabbed it elated.
  • However, hiding in said chasm was not a ring but a HUGE centipede that reeked havoc on the Party. It tail slapped and bite Kerubiel causing him to fall while he was trying to hold the line. The rest of the party then tried to come back to save him, but then the centipede got Drael with a nasty tail lash. Ellira hauled him onto her back and they party ran. Sorath grabbed Kerubiel in her maw and scrambled across the chasm – perhaps not as gracefully but nonetheless making it. The party successively fled Old Sycamore Tree leaving the centipede to its self.
  • Much to the parties surprise outside was Glanrim having decided his loyalties lie with the party now. The party rests for the night and they catch each other up. The next morning Jhod Kavken heals up the party and then translates the note that basically says the Kobolds have the Rings! He then thanks the party for some of this wealth and guarantees them life long healing if they make a kindly donation to his cause of rebuilding the temple. The party then goes with Mikmek to his home.

*Upon Reaching the Sootscale cavern the group notices a sign that this cave used to be a silvermine. The party learns that the Kobolds have only had old Sharptooth for the past 3 months and it has been the one telling them to mess with stuff. They also learn that 6 months ago the tribe acquired a new shaman named Tartuk. The group is welcomed by Nakpik because they are with Mikmek. The party makes the call to go see the chief first before the shaman. Chief Sootscale smashes the idol and then charges to kill Tartuk. The party does so and vanquishes the vile Shaman! Then they find the RINGS of Oleg Leveton and Svetlana LevetonYEA!!!
The party makes a deal of an alliance with Chief Sootscale and a promise of peace if they colonize the Greenbelt. Sootscale cavern publish

The party is off to the Stag Lord’s Fort! As they walk they discuss their plans and strategies. They decide that they will pretend to be seasoned bandits newly affiliated with the Stag Lord and are returning after a long assignment to bring the Stag Lord strong booze and money, and to regroup at the fort. Because there is no plan to sneak in the party walks straight up the path to the fort (little did they know this choice to stay on the path saved them their lives…zombies anyone?).

Once at the front entrance the party meets a guard who asks for the password. Thankfully the password had not been changed in a while and the party was able to enter by giving the password they had received from a previously defeated bandit. The party enters and is greeted by some important looking bandits, and the questioned party explains what they’ve brought. A bandit goes to get the Stag Lord and soon the Stag Lord appears, a drunken sloppy mess. He claims the booze and saunters back into what the party rightly assumes is his room.

Once the Stag Lord disappears the party surveys the fort to see an array of banditsdoing “bandit in a fort” type of things. The party comfortably mills about chatting with and meeting all the other bandits and trying to not look suspicious while scouting the place out. Glanrim approaches a group playing cards at a table and drinking beer. He smoothly grabs a pint for himself and dawns the disguise of “drunk bandit” which cleverly allows him to search around unnoticed.

Meanwhile Ellira, hoping to unlock any information, allows herself to be hit on by Topper Red who with fine poetry leads her into an armory room. Ellira quickly finds out things are too hot for her to handle so she abruptly brushes him off, leaves the room and rejoins the group at the table. Topper Red sullenly removes himself from the public eye, stripped of his masculinity, and perplexed by Ellira’sseemingly sudden change in affection.

As the night carries on the party unravels the layout of the fort. Glanrimshares what he has discovered upstairs including the big childlike bandit “”/campaigns/thomskingmaking/characters/auchs" class=“wiki-content-link”>Auchs“. They also discover a locked room on the main floor containing an almighty owlbear, Beaky. The party decides that it is time for action. ”/campaigns/thomskingmaking/characters/drael" class=“wiki-content-link”>Draelbrilliantly devises a plan to unleash Beaky by casting a spell of an unseen servent to unlock the beast. Kerubiel and Ellirajoin together upstairs to take down a watch guard and Glanrimtakes position to remove the adjacent guard. Once everyone is in position beaky is released and the fight begins.

Glanrimknocks his target over the side of the fort onto the zombie ridden path outside and Elliraand Kerubiel unsure of each others intentions eventually take down their confused opponent. Downstairs the bandits are faced with their captive Beaky. The Stag Lord and Dovanimmediately begin their attempt to permanently silence the owlbear. The fight continues and the party heroically takes over. The weakened Stag Lord meets his death and Akirosthe bandit repents in an epiphany for the need to change his alignment.

After the fight the party enters the Stag Lord’s private sanctuary and they find many great things including a large wall tapestry.

To the Old Sycamore

- While Resting at Oleg’s we were attacked by bandits
- We defended from the ramparts while bandits kept their distance and fired projectiles
- Eventually the bandits forced their way in through the main entrance and were greeted with a cone of fire to the face!
- One of the bandits repaid Drael in kind, exclaiming that the demon fire burned in his veins as well
- The party was aided in their defence by Jhod (who healed a badly burnt Drael and one of Keston’s men)
- Kerubiel slayed the demon sorceress Cyrin on the end of his lance!
-The party acquired a new quest to deal with the Kobolds – through diplomacy or sword, didn’t matter which.

- The party set out, (accompanied by Jhod) first stopping at Bokken’s hut, and then explored the regions towards the Old Sycamore
- On the way, they found a secret stash buried by a lightning struck tree, including an old spell book
- The party also observed the corpses of many kobolds and mites, which appear to be at war with one another. They even had a brief encounter where they assisted the kobold side in mite smiting! The surviving kobolds however fled before we could engage in diplomatic discussion.

- Upon reaching the Old Sycamore, Ellira and Drael, with their sharp elven senses, spotted a secret door leading down into the mite’s den
- The party has just cleared the first room of the den, which contained two rather surprised (and subsequently deceased) mites. They were playing with a bizarre contraption that launched caltrops into one another’s mouths??? Crazy Mites!

Mite lair

Exploring Large Area
  • The party left Oleg Leveton‘s to travel east to Bokken’s. Upon entering Bokken’s area Sorath became agitated and would not enter the center of the territory. Kerubiel reluctantly let Sorath stay on the perimeter and joined Ellira on her horse.
  • Outside of Bokken’s hut was a large male Mire Cat and it quickly became apparent why Sorath did not enter the area. The cat slinked away and the group met crazy high pitched Bokken.
  • Once inside Bokken’s Hut the group inquired about some potions. Bokken asked them to bring back some Fangberries and then he would give back the money he swindled from Kerubiel and make them any other potions they wanted.
  • The group finished exploring this and Oleg’s Trading Post areas and then made their way south to find the Fang berries. The night before leaving Oleg Leveton’s they met Jhod Kavken who told them about an angry bear and a temple and all about how great Erastil is. The cleric also let Kerubiel know that his STAG LORD amulet was not magical.
  • Once in the forest the group kept getting harassed at night by invisible forces and the fire at one point split and walked away into nothing.
  • The group discovered the Temple of the Elk while exploring the woods and Ellira tried talking to it and it would have none it, just to tell her that it has two names and is angry – the name is something like Great Bear. The party fled and decided that when they got back to Oleg’s Trading Post they would tell Jhod Kavken what they had found.
  • Back at the Thorn River Camp the group found ghosts who disappeared rather quickly of some of the bandits they had previously slain. They grabbed an ear so they could finish their bounty on bandits and continued on. That night Glanrim left out some Dwarf Booze and Kerubiel left out some silver pieces so that they could get a restful sleep because the invisible force that Kerubiel was able to hear talking was determined to be the fey!
  • Moving south through the woods the group discovered the bone littered den of TUSKGUTTER! The group fought valiantly and wait no Ellira charmed the mighty beast and the group befriended the big pig! HUZAHH!… But suddenly a MIGHTY TROLL attacked and the party fought like experienced veterans and with the help of Tuskgutter and two faeries – who now revealed themselves they finished the troll with a mighty slash to the throat by Glanrim and a finishing Acid Splash by Drael. Glanrim took the skull as a trophy! The party then left Tuskgutter in his home and marched further south!
  • At last the Fang berry patch – a nasty thorny bush that took Ellira‘s mighty foraging skill and Drael’s mage hand to harvest them. While harvesting the group was attacked by two sets of spider swarms – defeating one and causing one to lose interest and retreat back into the bramble.
  • Moving back north along the hills the adventurers had to cross the river and they discovered a rickety bridge. Because they wanted to make it safe and easy for possible future crossing Drael and Ellira mended the bridge back to its former glory – 36 hours later.
  • The next hex they encounter some wierd gem outcropping to which Glanrim felt the need to take a piece of the sparkly material by beating it out of the rock with his axe.
    The final hex that the party explored they encountered a weird field with a massive spider that could bite them and run away into its burrow in 6 seconds or less! So the group fled! (Their horses were already spooked anyways).
  • Upon returning to Oleg’s Trading Post the group awaited Jhod Kavken‘s return so they could tell him of the GREAT BEAR! Also Glanrim had placed an order which he wanted to get. Jhod Kavken asked the group to lead him to the Temple of the Elk and they did – after a quick trip to Bokken’s Hut.
  • Crazy old Bokken was happy to get the FangBerries and returned the money he swindled from Kerubiel. The group bought some potions and then headed on to take Jhod Kavken to the Temple of the Elk.
  • Upon their first night in the woods the group discovered the home of their two new fairy friends so they partied and had a good evening with them!
    The next day the group found the cave and the URSA MAJOR! Ellira and Jhod Kavken both tried communicating with the bear but it would not have it so a battle erupted. The Bear was eventually vanquished and turned out to be an old dude and the place became a lot less dingy once he had passed away( the water was no longer algae ridden and the sun shone like when you beat a dungeon in Zelda). Glanrim then found a dwarven thing in the cave and said he had to go back to Restov.
    The party rests at Oleg’s Trading Post.

Temple of the elk

Thorn River Camp... and Moon Radishes
  • Following the defeat of the initial bandit raid the party struck out for Thorn River Camp: Oleg was left with specific instructions to keep Bragg alive until the party returned in four days time.
  • By nightfall of the first day the party had reached the edge of the woods and camped for the night.
  • Camp was located the following day. Despite Glanrim erring on the side of caution Ellira entered the camp alone to scout ahead. Thorn river camp
  • Unfortunately she was spotted by a guard but using her womanly wiles (to the delight of every male present) managed to seduce the guard. Once she got close Tamus horribly maimed the guard (to the horror of every male present) and his screams alerted the rest of the camp.
  • At this point Drael seemed to be lost in thought and hearing the screams suddenly sprouted claws and rushing to Ellira’s side dispatched the guard in a gruesome manner.
  • Glanrim and Kerubiel crossed the river in order to catch the remaining bandits in a pincer attack. Ellira dispatched a second guard with her bow while Glanrim slew another bandit by severing his arm.
  • Kerubiel had meanwhile challenged Kressle to a duel and though he and his faithful mount Sorath were injured during the encounter, their attack caused the bandit to flee into the river in a desperate attempt to escape.
  • The final bandit surrendered without further fighting allowing Glanrim, Drael and Kerubiel to pursue Kressle. Seeing her escape cut off, and gravely wounded, Kressle committed suicide but not before uttering a cryptic warning that “He will make you pay”
  • While Glanrim fished her body out of the river Kerubiel hunted down the other bandit who had attempted to flee, he was brought back to the camp without further fighting
  • Drael had meanwhile clamed down, his claws retracting, but offered no explanation for what had happened
  • Despite her lethal effectiveness in the battle, Ellira seemed shaken by the ordeal and spent a significant amount of time alone with Tamus in order to recover.
  • After looting the camp and aquiring a significant amount of treasure, including recovering Oleg’s stolen goods, the party questioned their prisoner
  • His name turned out to be Graves and he told the party about their leader, a savage druken brute of a man known as the Stag Lord
  • Graves expressed his fear and dislike of the man and also revealed the location of the bandits’ main camp, a fortress on the Northeastern shore of the Tuskwater.
  • While outwardly the Stag Lord appears to be calling the shots, Graves mentioned that the bandit lord kept a mysterious old man in his custody and expressed his belief that the Stag Lord was merely a puppet leader and that the old man was the true master.
  • When questioned about the wareabouts of Svetlana’s wedding ring Graves revealed that a band of Mites had stolen a portion of the loot and had made off to their hideout in the old sycamore tree.
  • The party initially contemplated travelling to the tree but decided it was best to do so another time when they were burdened with less equipment and loot
  • Their caution turned out to be wise as later that night the party was attacked by a roving band of Mites. None were slain, though Kerubiel was injured, and after a brief fight they fled into the night.
  • Despite posting guards, the Mites had made off with several daggers and a longsword. Having suffered such misfortune at the hands of a small group of Mites the party shuddered at the thought of what might have happened had they decided to attack the sycamore tree and the 30 or so Mites that inhabited it.
  • Remembering Svetlana’s request to bring back some Moon Radishes, the party made a slight detour on the way back to the trading post.
  • They encountered four Kobolds who were sleeping after having gorged themselves on the radishes all morning.
  • To everyone’s surprise it was discovered that Drael was able to communicate with the creatures in their own tongue but negotiations quickly soured when Kerubiel, displaying his usual flair for the dramatic, charged forward and killed one of the creatures.
  • The Kobolds reacted with anger and Kerubiel was severly wounded by a spear before Drael was able to end the confrontation through the use of a magically induced hypnosis.
  • The Kobolds left without further fighting and after gathering a large bushel of radishes the party headed back for the camp.
  • Reaching the trading post they were greeted by a disturbing sight. The bodies of the bandits who had attacked earlier were found hanging from the wall with ropes around their necks. Even more disturbing was the discovery of Bragg hanging from the wall still alive. A visibly angered Drael cut the bandit down and Ellira stabalized his condition.
  • To further add to the mystery the gates were closed and strange voices could be heard coming from inside.
  • Glanrim and Kerubiel scaled the walls to investigate and saw that five soldiers had taken up residence in the fort.
  • Kerubiel recognized the men as soldiers of Brevoy and realizing there was no danger the party entered the fort.
  • Oleg was thrilled at their return (not to mention the return of his stolen goods) and introduced the party to Commander Garess. Interestingly enough Kerubiel seemed to recongnize him but neither man was forthcoming with their past relationship.
  • Garess agreed to take Graves and Bragg into custody and promised to transport them back to the city for a proper trial. Drael and Glanrim urged mercy but could do little else.
  • Garess promised what aid he could for any futer raid on the Stag Lord’s fortress and offered them a bounty for the capture of a mercenary who had betrayed him some time before.
  • After relating their adventure to the soldiers and Oleg the party settled in for the night
Session one- Making a home
  • Accepted a Charter from Brevoy, signed in the city of Restov. There were Other Chartered Explorers as well.
  • Left Restov on Monday the 26th of Abadius, 4707 AR.
  • Came across some sickly wolves along the road, and defeated them in combat (with ease!)
  • Met Breeg Orlivanch an defeated him in a social encounter, primarily thanks to Kerubiel, who managed to throw him off with a well placed insult
  • Made it to Oleg’s Trading Post (on Saturday, the 30th of Abadius) and met Oleg Leveton and Svetlana Leveton (male PC’s salivate)
  • Heard about the bandit problem that the Leveton’s were dealing with. Oleg described the leader of this particular bandit outfit as a female wielding two axes, one of which she used to sever a finger from Oleg’s hand in response to his lack of cooperation. Also heard some rumours about “the Stag Lord” (who is potentially at the root of the bandit problem in the region?)
  • Planned a strategy for dealing with the bandits.
  • Defeated Happs Bydon (ie pinned him to a wall) and the bandits that he was leading.
  • Captured alive a bandit named [[Bragg]]. Questioned him for information and found out where the bandit camp is. The party has yet to decide Bragg’s fate.
  • Oleg informed us of a nearby potion maker named Bokken
  • The party determined that the first course of action was now to track down and eliminate the remaining bandits (of which there are 8 I believe) before their comrades are missed.
    Trading post
Out of the city, and into...
Prequel Post (with map)

So the session will start on the morning that the PC’s leaving Restov (in southern Brevoy) with the PC’s on their first stop, a place called Oleg’s Trading Post. It takes 4.5 days to walk there….

This map is the area described in the charter as needing to be explored. We will use it in actual play.

Greenbelt with olegs

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